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100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Goa: Student Testimonial

Anna is a 25 years old software engineer from Ukraine who came to Abhinam to take the 100 Hours YTTC course. She loves to find ways to combine work with travel, so yoga fits perfectly into her lifestyle – she can be anywhere to do it!
Anna started practicing yoga about three years ago, usually practicing by herself using Youtube videos. She’d tried a variety of types of yoga, from hatha to vinyasa to Kundalini, but it wasn’t until she went on a trip to California, that she went to a group class for the first time. From that moment, she realised the benefit of having a teacher there to guide and assist her, and realised that she needed some real guidelines. When she returned to Kiev she found an Ashtanga Vinyasa school, where she experienced Ashtanga for the first time.
100 hours Yoga TTC in Goa Student- AnnaWhen she found the course at Abhinam Yoga School, she realized that this was what she had been looking for. “I’d been searching for a long time and this is exactly what I needed,” she told us. “All the knowledge is here in one place. I’d been reading a lot of philosophy books, but now I realise that philosophy and yoga is one. It has all come together for me like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. I wanted somewhere I could go deeper into my practice, deeper in my knowledge, and where I could live a healthy lifestyle. I wanted a place that would be light and bright with high level vibrations. And it’s exactly as I imagined. Yoga is the way for us to connect to our inner self and to feel the love of the whole world. It’s much deeper than just a physical practice. A lot of blocks came out while I was here. I really feel different, I feel as though I’ve met myself.”
During her course at Abhinam, Anna really liked way the teachers approached their teaching and said that she felt very supported when doing the asana practice, and felt that there was always a teacher there to help align and assist her. “The teachers really connect the inner world with the outer world,” she told us. “Here, I’ve realized that yoga is for all people. It’s not a religion, you could be whoever you want to be. Whoever you are, whatever level you are, yoga can be for you. I didn’t feel any difference between the people who were at a higher or lower level than me. In this warm environment, everybody becomes one.”
She also really enjoyed the dance meditation class: “The class was amazing. Anniina really knows how to manage the energy. Our minds just turned off and I started to feel this energy and move my body according to the flow. It’s so easy to surrender yourself and to meet yourself in such meditation. And Deepika is a wonderful teacher too, many thanks to her. She went so deeply into the philosophy and the Sutras, it was so interesting.”
Anna particularly felt that she’d had a lot of support and knowledge from Namito. “Namito? Well there are no words! Big love to him, and many thanks. He brings so much energy with him into the shala, you can feel the vibrations rising. Everybody feels meditative just being around him. Being a doctor, he has such a high level of professional experience and scientific knowledge, it’s amazing. But he’s also like a father to us! Sometimes he can be strict, sometimes he likes to joke. I feel at home.”
Anna plans to return to Abhinam in a few months to complete her second 100Hrs course in Dharamsala and get her 200 Hours certificate. “Before coming to this course, I didn’t think too much about teaching,” Anna said. “It was just for myself, for my practice. But now I’ve started thinking about it. The yoga lifestyle and the people have really resonated with me. I will come back to complete my 200 hours teacher training in India for sure, and then I’d love to take my 300hrs and start assisting at Abhinam. But we’ll see what the universe has in store for me!”