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300 hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC Student Review- Shin

300 hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC student reviewShin is originally from Korea but has been living in New York for the past five years working for the medical office, dealing with patients, doctors and insurance companies. Shin already took her 200 Hours TTC with a yoga school in New York some time ago and has been giving private yoga classes in New York since. But she felt that she wanted to learn more, so she came to Abhinam to take her 300 Hours certification. Shin told us that the TTC she took in New York was good, but it was a more Americaized version of Ashtanga. “I was looking for really traditional Ashtanga yoga first of all,” Shin told us. “I wanted to learn the root of Ashtanga. While I was practicing Ashtanga in New York, there was something missing. It was very mixed with vinyasa and hatha. I was looking for the root.”

Shin told us that back in New York she used to practice yoga every day, but she stopped practicing as much because material needs got in the way and she had to focus on her job. Even though she was a qualified yoga teacher, Shin said that she didn’t feel like a professional teacher yet. “I’m still a beginner teacher,” she said. “There are millions of teachers in New York City, so I have to compete with them. So I wanted to learn more.” Shin explained that whenever she was teaching private yoga classes, she realized that everybody had their own individual problems so she had to figure out how to help them. Working at the medical office also inspired her to think about how medicine and yoga can be combined. “I’ve been thinking about medical yoga,” Shin explained, “so I want to know more about anatomy, about the basic but important things.”  Shin said that the fact that Namito came from a medical background was a perfect combination for her.

“I’ve really enjoyed the course,” Shin told us with a smile. “It’s real. In New York, it’s just about giving you a certification, but here the teaching methods are so different. Namito is teaching from the bottom to the top, from scratch. I like the Teaching Methodology class because I’ve learned lots of adjustments and new things.” Shin particularly liked the different teaching styles of all the different teachers: “Namito is teaching from the heart,” Shin said. “He doesn’t judge people, he just wants to help people so they can help more people. And Deepika is super knowledgeable, she knows all the Sanskrit and about the roots of yoga, so I learned a lot of things from her. And Maki is super talented!”

After finishing the course, Shin plans to continue teaching yoga, with a focus on private classes to help people on a personal basis. She also has a qualification in Nutrition, so she’d like to be able to teach people on a number of different levels, from how to align their body perfectly, to helping them with their diet and medical issues as well.