5 Days Yoga & Meditation Wellness Workshop in India

Ashtanga Iyengar Yoga Retreat Workshop

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Have you ever gone to yoga classes and at the end had that feeling of not knowing whether you are practicing correctly or not? OR You are new to yoga and want to start with learning the basics correctly so that you don’t injure yourself and can practice safely.  Are you looking for a retreat workshop where you can have more personal attention in presence of an experienced certified teacher, who can discuss and explain the poses with correct alignment as well as teach you how to use and practice with props? Then, this Ashtanga Vinyasa Iyengar Yoga retreat workshop is ideal for you.

Beginners, as well as all levels of practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series, can participate in this 5 day Ashtanga Vinyasa Iyengar yoga workshop can also be used as a foundation course in yoga or as 30 hour pre-teacher training for those who wish to take their teacher training course at a later stage. Students will learn all fundamental asanas from the Preliminary Iyengar Yoga Course book containing step-by-step instructions with the use of props for correct alignment. During the course of this yoga workshop, our students will be guided into the poses after giving full demonstrations using various props. Students will discover a whole new body awareness, enhancing the own practice with receiving full benefits of the poses by understanding the alignment. The group sizes are small 2-5 students and these workshops are organized quite often.

Ashtanga Iyengar Yoga Retreat Workshop For Beginners Syllabus

The course syllabus includes the Ashtanga primary series so you will become familiar with the full sequence, variations of vinyasas and asanas, breathing techniques plus the Sanskrit meanings and pronunciations of the Asanas. After completion you will be ready to attend Mysore style classes, where you can practice the series on your own.

During this retreat workshop, you will learn various asanas from the Preliminary Iyengar Yoga Syllabus such as standing poses, sitting poses, forward extensions, lateral extensions, inversions, abdominal asanas, backward extensions, sun salutations, restorative asanas and Ujjayi pranayama.

The morning session starts with optional class of Pranayama breathing techniques to energize and detoxify as well as preparing your body for the morning Ashtanga Vinyasa Class. After your healthy breakfast ‚Äďwhich will be arranged for you- we meet for the methodology class where you will learn all essential asanas with its variations focusing on body movements such as elongation, extension and lengthening. After your lunch take some rest and enjoy and explore the area till your next afternoon Free¬†Flow Class and finally ending your day with meditation.

NOTE : The 5 day workshop is organized every week from Monday to Friday.
The price starts from 350 EURO, which includes your food and accommodation.

5 Day Yoga Workshop Daily Program (6 hrs/day)

6:00 am to¬†8:00 am –¬†Pranayama and Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series Class
8:00 am to¬†10:00 am –¬†Study and Rest
10:00 am to¬†11:30 am –¬†Breakfast
11:30 am to¬†1:00 pm –¬†Alignment and Adjustment Class (Theory & Practice)
1:00 pm to¬†4:00 pm –¬†Lunch Break
4:00 pm to¬†6:00 pm –¬†Mantra Chanting/ Vinyasa Flow/Hatha/Restorative Yoga and Meditation
6:00 pm to¬†7:00 pm –¬†Rest And Rejuvenate
7:00 pm to¬†8:00 pm –¬†Dinner

NOTE: The Timings might be changed but students must complete minimum 30 hrs. of training.

Why Join This Yoga Retreat Workshop?

The 5 day pre-yoga teacher training retreat workshop for beginners is an intensive short course to help new students become acquainted with the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series as well as Iyengar yoga alignment practices and techniques. It is for students who wish to learn more about yoga and delve deeper into their own personal practice. This course is the stepping stone to our Teacher Training Programme and is designed to give beginners the necessary acquaintance to qualify for the 200 hour or 500 hour Teacher Training Course. Students will receive a 30 hour Pre-Teacher-Training Certificate after completion.

We will take care of all your needs; 6 days accommodation with ensuite bathroom and full board including a healthy breakfast usually Porridge/Musli or eggs, a nutritious salad or soup for a light lunch and typical Indian thali for dinner. The food is sattvic, vegetarian, organic and locally sourced. However, you can choose to opt out if you like to be more flexible with Food Choices. We suggest to please arrive a day before the course starts i.e. On Sunday, so that you are well rested and ready for the morning class the following day.

Immerse yourself into your practice and improve your overall well being with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the Himalayas or soak up the Goan sun between your classes.

NOTE: People who have already completed a Yoga TTC are not advised to take this workshop, but should instead take the 100 hour intensive course which can be added to their Yoga Alliance Professional Training hours or Continuing Education.

How To Register For This Workshop

To apply for our 5 day retreat workshop, please or fill our form by clicking the link below:

5 day Workshop Application Form

Please mention your dates of arrival, so that we can confirm the availability. Once we confirm the availability, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable booking fees of 100 EUR via paypal. The remaining course fees can be paid on arrival.

Yog Namito

(Lead Trainer at Abhinam Yoga School, India)

From an early age Namito has been on his path of yoga, learning from teachers and masters that most only ever read about with awe and reverence. Living and growing up in the state of Bihar, he witnessed Swami Satyananda practicing yoga on one of his visits and was captivated by the ancient allure of yoga. At the age of seven Swami Satyandanda began teaching Namito asana and pranayama practices after discovering his immense ability and potential… Read More About Namito.

70% of the course is under the guidance and taught by the SYT(Senior Yoga Teacher).

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