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8 Reasons Why I Practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

 “Why I Can’t Live without Practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga”

After practicing various styles of Hatha Yoga for many years I reached to a point where I felt no progression in my practice, until I discovered Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga which opened up a whole new world to me. Here are some motivations on why you should become a badass Ashtangie too

#1 Early Morning Practice Traditionally Ashtanga Vinyasa is practiced at 6am, every day apart from Sundays and Full moon days. It gets you up in the morning and you will burst with Energy for the rest of the day. Are you struggling to get out of bed? Practicing Ashtanga will fire up the willpower inside you to make the Practice part of your healthy life-style and not a chore.

Anna Doing Tree Pose#2 Progress Ashtanga Vinyasa has a series of poses that are done in a sequenced order. By practicing the same asanas every day you notice the improvements of each pose and you can see the changes in your body immediately

#3 Individual Group-practice Sounds confusing huh? Traditionally, Ashtanga is a self-practice. Beginners attend Led classes, where instructions will be given. “Mysore Style” classes are observed by a Teacher who gives adjustments when needed. There is something quiet special about a room full of practitioners moving their bodies with their breath. It’s the Group Energy that carries one through the flow

#4 Move at your own pace While Led classes are fully guided by a Teacher, the self-practice allows you to move at your own pace so you can explore and refine poses self-reliantly.

#5 Increased Focus Ashtanga is a very meditative Practice; you are concentrated on your own poses and less likely to get distracted by watching other practitioners or the Teacher. You develop awareness of your body, breath and dristis (focal gaze) It’s a moving meditation, you don’t get time to be in your mind.

#6 Detox Practicing Ashtanga intensively, throws up a lot of supressed emotions. It frees up those feelings and you feel purified of physical and emotional impurities. Ujjayi Breathing, which is practiced during Ashtanga Vinyasa, creates heat in the body, purifies by increased oxygen flow in the blood, strengthens the nervous and digestive System and helps to cure many diseases.

Ashtanga Yoga TTC Student: Anna#7 Full Body Work-in Despite the physical work-out that strengthens every muscle in your body, improves flexibility, increases vitality and endurance, you also feel more calm and at peace through the meditative aspect of the practice.

#8 Goodbye PMS even though it is a very athletic and dynamic Practice, you stay in the poses long enough to receive all therapeutic benefits of each of the 51 Asanas of the series. You can cure many ailments (i.e. back pain) and nuisances like PMS and heavy Periods are minimized.

Written by Anna Worne: Anna completed her 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Abhinam Yoga Center in Dharamkot in 2015. She was a guest teacher at our Yoga Center in Goa.