Abhinam Yoga Celebrates First International Yoga Day in Dharamkot

On 21st June, 2015,  Abhinam Yoga Center in Dharamkot celebrated the first ever International Yoga Day. It is a free event for all of the students and the public to come and celebrate with us. The celebration included asana practice, meditation, mantra and the most admired “Angel Walk”. If someone has never heard or experienced the Angel walk then they are missing out, because it is such a powerful experience of surrendering, trusting and opening oneself up to the love of friends and strangers.

Speaking to the participants afterwards was moving, as their experience was profound and anyone could notice that it had permeated into their very being; the glow of their eyes and the width of their smiles.

One student, Aditi had only come that very day to start 200 hour teacher training course in Dharamsala said that she knew no one, but now feels like she knows everyone and has connected with them through this “beautiful experience”. She equated the Angel walk to “walking through a sea of people, full of love”, and said that it gave her the realization that “you can have love for every single creature” on this planet. Aditi said that this experience allowed her to break through her boundaries and enabled her to question and think outside of her “normal thinking pattern” about love and love in relation to so called “strangers”.

This event provided so many people with the opportunity to find their much needed emotional release in a caring and supportive environment, which embodies everything we think Yoga can give to the world.