Abhinam Yoga School in Patnem Goa Student Review: Sera

I was born in India, living in Dubai, working as a fashion designer and running my garment business. My father was a well known action director in Bollywood movies. As a child I grew up watching my father teaching acrobatic action to his students and co-workers. That’s how I started developing interest in physical activities and sports. Slowly business work took over my life and I became very busy having no time for sports and work out. As a result, my weight went up and I started feeling depressed.

I used to teach about training and nutrition to one of my friends who was suffering with overweight. I did not meet her for two years. She came to visit me one day and I was surprised to see her slim body. I asked her the secret and she said it was regular yoga practice. I was very impressed by the impact of yoga on her body. I wanted to experience it on my own body.

I found out about a yoga school in Mumbai and took a month yoga teacher training course with them thinking that it will help me to understand the subject of yoga deeply not just the physical part. After finishing my course at Mumbai School, my thirst for going deeper into yoga was not quenched. I was is still looking for more experience and training. I wanted to enhance my knowledge of alignment, therapeutic yoga, Yoga philosophy along with details of each and every yoga posture.

I started looking for Schools who offer certified Yoga teacher training courses in Goa. Luckily, I found Abhinam Yoga School in Patnem, South Goa. I studied their website thoroughly and discovered that what they were mentioning was in tune with what I was looking for. I called them and had a long chat with the director of the school. After few months I booked for 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training course which was certified by Yoga Alliance USA.

It was an intensive training, within two weeks I lost at least five kilos. The body shape started looking slimmer. I was surprised by the fast transforming process of yoga. Our morning began with intense breathing and abdominal Kriyas or cleansing processes of yoga and then two hours of Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series. We had philosophy and anatomy in the afternoon. Evening was dedicated to learning each and every pose with absolute precision and correct alignment. Meditation was also integral part of this course.

I learnt yoga as a complete subject at Abhinam Yoga School not just a method of exercise. A lot of attention was given to learning the skill of teaching, how to develop the terminology, language, the use of voice and eye contact with the students in my role as a yoga teacher. I am really happy to see all these changes in my body and experience yoga at deeper level at Abhinam Yoga School. Warm weather of Goa helps the body to open and the practice becomes painless.

I absolutely recommend Abhinam Yoga School in Goa to anyone who wants to experience yoga at depth and become a good teacher.