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Namito-portrait-2From an early age Namito has been on his path of yoga, learning from teachers and masters that most only ever read about with awe and reverence. Living and growing up in the state of Bihar, he witnessed Swami Satyananda practicing yoga on one of his visits and was captivated by the ancient allure of yoga. At the age of seven Swami Satyandanda began teaching Namito asana and pranayama practices after discovering his immense ability and potential. From an early age Namito began translating books form English to Hindi and spoke about his ability to witness his mind, watching his thoughts move across the ceiling as he lay on his bed, detachment from his mind a natural ability. Namito began his schooling years at the Krishnamurti boarding school, learning from the enlightened master throughout his early education. Seeing his potential and interest, Krishnamurti suggested that Namito should go and learn from B.K.S Iyengar. Studying with Iyengar personally for a few years, Namito also got opportunity to study with Pattahbi Jois for one year.

After this Namito traveled to Norway, where being encouraged by both his father and his master, B.K.S Iyengar, he pursued his career and taught Yoga.

Throughout this time, he continually came back to India to continue learning from his Master Iyengar, and after living many years abroad in 2010, Namito came back to India to visit his Master Iyengar who asked him to move back to India, start intensive practice and assisting in his medical and therapeutic yoga classes. In 2013, Iyengar directed Namito to start his own yoga school in India, which is how Abhinam Yoga School was created, first in Dharamsala, and then in Goa.

The desire to make people aware “of their inner being, the source of their life energy” is what drives Namito every day in his work. He observes that through this awareness of body (Asana Practice), breath (Pranayama), mind (Pratyahara), heart and being (Dharana & Dhyana) all of life’s problems are dissolved (Samadhi), and he sees this as the answer to many of the world’s wider problems. He calls this the “in-volution of mankind”, using yoga as his tool, with his mottos of “alignment to enlightenment” and “fitness for the witness”.

Namito perceives he is “a vehicle for the divine”, having become empty with no thoughts, he says he is doing the work that has been given to him, with the goal of “transforming the human consciousness”. Every student who comes to study with Namito will be transformed by his childlike and energetic approach to life, and will gain a deeper spiritual understanding of themselves and yoga through his insightful teachings. If you find yourself at Abhinam Yoga, you know you have made it to the right place and that you have created some good karma in your past life to have met such a great teacher in this life.

Our Teaching Team


Shunyo-MakiShunyo has been learning and practicing yoga for many years in its various forms like Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha and Shivananda. She studied theology at the Doshisha University in Japan. She has a strong foundation of practice in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow. During her yoga study at Iyengar Institute Pune, India, she developed a strong feeling that yoga is for all types and age groups of people. She was fascinated by the various uses of different yoga props and became aware of their significance in teaching yoga to people with physical limitations. Shunyo’s teaching style is a fusion of her experience of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga of Patanjali with Iyengar style and her close contact with nature and meditation. She is currently Guest Lead teacher at Abhinam Yoga School. With her serene individuality she motivates her students to approach yoga with humbleness and devotion…Know more about Shunyo



Abhinam Yoga Teacher DeepikaDeepika had a great shift of career from working for corporates into transforming herself in learning and teaching Yoga. The love towards the fitness since childhood took her on the path of physical practice of yoga.  She started practicing yoga in a marketplace like Mumbai. The thirst towards learning different styles of yoga made her do various certification courses from different yoga schools in Mumbai. She didn’t stop herself practicing Hatha yoga but aspired her knowledge in Ashtanga Vinyasa style by pursuing 500hrs  Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dharamsala with Abhinam Yoga. She says, it was the time of her life when the journey towards inner world flourished. Since then she continued her yoga journey with Abhinam Yoga.
She feels grateful to get a direct training from Swami Yog Namito. She is teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa flow with a correct alignment by the use of props as well as Pranayama and philosophy under the guidance of Yog Namito. She enjoys teaching and finds herself a divine messenger to connect people to their consciousness.


Abhinam Yoga Teacher: Anniina

Anniina’s path with yoga started through dance. Working as a dancer and dance teacher she enjoyed yoga as a self practice and a way to tune in. Over the years she explored various styles of yoga but as a dancer was always drawn to vinyasa flow. The passion towards the art of yoga kept growing and she decided to attend teacher training at Abhinam. Her course with Abhinam yoga opened her eyes to see the beauty of the alignment in Ashtanga Vinyasa as she experienced the benefit one gains in the correct use of props. This understanding has brought a new depth to her practice. Combined with the pranayama, it quickly made a great difference in her body. After the course, her journey with Abhinam yoga has continued first as an assistant and then as a teacher. Anniina feels it’s a privilege to be able to grow in a place where it is possible to teach and learn at the same time. Currently, she is teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa, pranayama and dance meditations at Abhinam Yoga School.


Abhinam Yoga Teacher: AnandAnand started his Yogic practices at the age of twelve, his heart yearned to understand spirituality on deeper level, which he eventually tasted in meditation and in the teachings of Great Masters such as Swami Vivekananda and Swami Shivananda. For the last four years Anand has been a Yoga teacher who brings his effort, energy, humor and philosophy to every class he teaches. He has taken classes for various established organisations in India and currently leads classes for various yoga enthusiasts. According to him what helps him keep the class full of life is his openness to learn more about Yoga through the interaction with his students. During his free time Anand engages himself in reading and knowing about life and philosophy of masters, mystics and gurus such as Buddha, Pramhansa Yogananda, Patanjali, Laotzu, Sri Ramkrishna and many more.