Lead Trainer at Abhinam Yoga, India

Alberta Allegrezza

(Lead Trainer at Abhinam Yoga School, India)

Meet Alberta. She is one of the most vibrant creative and fun loving Yoga Teachers of the world. When it comes to making very intense and sincere yoga practice into a cheerful event then she is the one who comes forward and takes the responsibility. She is Italian by birth and passion and Indian by wisdom of the east. She makes students feel very safe and taken care of. Her artistic and creative background expresses itself not only into her practice but also into her teachings.

70% of the course is under the guidance and taught by the SYT(Senior Yoga Teacher).

Here are the details of her Yoga Journey in her own words:

My decision to follow the path of yoga came from inner evolution which I discovered later in my life. However, it grew within me over a period of time.

After many years spent in the world of entertainment as a professional dancer, I immersed in a fast, aggressive and stressful life. I felt lost and could no longer understand where I was.

I began to feel unsuitable and to look for silent and isolated corners in the midst of the chaos of that hectic life made of lights, forced beauty and fake appreciation.

Those moments of serenity, silence and solitude were very important moments for my inner balance and for my energetic recharge. I realized only later that I was already immersing into a yogic approach without knowing it!

2013 was a year of strong change, of strong awareness. Some personal events suddenly turned me away from my artistic world. My body refused to speak the same language spoken until then. My mind defended itself from that life made of lights, cameras and a great deal of emotional energy. The same life that I loved more than anything else was not appealing to me anymore.

This standstill led me to India where in 2014 I decided to dive into the world of yoga with firm conviction to stay. I had to let go of my past which helped me find that space within me which was without any intention to escape, wobble or running away. I got certified as Yoga Alliance 200-hr RYT with a title ‘Yoga Siromani in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga’.

This decision gave me clarity about where I had come from and where I wanted to continue going. It was the beginning of a rebirth that did not end there. In 2016 I decided to continue discovering and completing my 500-hr YTTC at Abhinam Yoga School.

It is strange how the heart and instinct, if listened, bring you to the right place at the right time! I chose Abhinam Yoga School because it seemed to me the school with the most suitable method for me. I totally fell in love with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga the way it was taught by Namito and his team of teachers. I felt at home, loved, respected and appreciated. I began to understand many things about myself and to learn the true sense of Yoga.

I stayed with Abhinam Yoga School and its teaching method to the point of becoming an integral part of it. Today I feel honoured to be part of the teaching staff team of this school and every day that passes I learn and understand more and more.