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Ashtanga Yoga TTC Nov 15: First Week Student Experience by Sara

The new 200 hours Ashtanga yoga teacher training in Goa has started last week at Abhinam Yoga School in Patnem, Goa. Twenty one students from all around the world came to study, practise and learn how to teach ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Sara is one of the students. She has lived on four continents and currently is settling down in New York. Sara used to study law. Later she decided to follow her passion for photography and yoga. Sara has been practising yoga for more than ten years, she was also teaching power yoga in her twenties. Ashtanga Yoga TTC Student: SaraNow, she decided to deep dive into yoga fully and to learn about yoga in its full concept. Before applying for the TTC, she watched a video with Ashtanga Primary Series and got fascinated by this yoga style. She decided to learn Ashtanga yoga and master all poses including the ones, she could not have performed yet. The main reason for choosing Abhinam Yoga School was the life story of Namito, the main master, as well as the fact that one of the teachers comes from Japan, a country Sara had lived in.

After receiving the schedule for the first week, Sara got surprised by the amount of philosophy classes. Now, three days later, she is already laughing about her initial attitude. Her opinion of yoga being mainly a physical exercise has transferred in just these few days. Now, she feels very interested in the full concept of yoga and looks forward to learning more about the philosophy part of yoga.

Although the first days of the TTC have been very challenging, Sara is very happy that she came to Goa and has joined the TTC. She is also helping the school by taking photographs of the TTC. Before travelling to India, Sara consciously set no expectations. After arriving to Goa, seeing the school, getting to know the teachers, walking on the beach, staying in her room, getting the meals in the organic restaurant, she realized that all this together is everything she has dreamt of. Even though the schedule is the days is very intense, Sara keeps a big smile on her face and shares a very gentle and positive energy. After finishing the yoga teacher training in India, Sara plans to go back to New York to arrange her new apartment. Sara is not sure yet, whether she will be teaching yoga right after she is back home. But she is sure that she wants to a professional yoga teacher in her future.