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Holi Celebration at Abhinam Yoga

Things To Bring For Your Yoga Journey To India – Yoga Travel Tips

What to pack for your Yoga Trip to India It is always a big confusion that what items should be packed along with your luggage, if you are travelling for the first time to any place. Every year thousands of students travel to do their yoga teacher training course. If the country is India, then it becomes even more important to figure out the most essential items to be included in your packing list.  The following are the list of […]

Morning Tips On How To live a Healthy Yogic Lifestyle?

Proper food and water habits, regular yoga practice and disciplined lifestyle are some of the core principles to staying healthy.  A healthy yogic lifestyle helps to not only prevent diseases but also maintains a healthy body. As per Ayurveda, there are two transition periods in a day, the morning and the evening period. Both of these periods are considered extremely important because of the physiological shift that happens during these transition periods. It is important to set the body metabolism […]

Yoga Philosophy in India

Why Study Yoga Philosophy in Your Teacher Training Course?

Why do i need to study Yoga Philosophy in a teacher training course?  Or I am only interested in learning the physical part, so how will it benefit my teaching career? These are some of the queries that we get before students apply for our teacher training courses. In the article below, we will try to explain as to why your teacher training course will be incomplete if we exclude studying yoga philosophy. Yoga Philosophy means ‘Darshan Shastra’ that is […]

Yoga Teacher Training in India

Common Mistakes Made by New Yoga Teachers

After successfully completing a yoga training course, the graduates are usually very excited with high hopes of establishing successful businesses. However, most of them are faced with numerous challenges in trying to build their own brand in a sector that is already saturated. This, then becomes very frustrating, and it is common for new entrants to give up on the way. The following are the top mistakes made by new yoga teachers: 1. Lacking a clear business plan Most people […]

Travel Tips and What to Pack for Your Yoga Journey in India

India is one of the top destinations for Yoga enthusiasts. There are numerous yoga centers in India, each with its own uniqueness that are spread all over the country. Apart from practicing Yoga, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful scenery with some outstanding features like the Himalayas and the beautiful ocean coastline. However, one of the problems that people often struggle with is on deciding on what to pack and what to leave behind. Assuming that you are coming to […]

Yoga Retreats in Goa

6 Things Your Yoga Teacher Wants You to Know

When you start off with your yoga teacher training courses or workshops, there are some things every student must remember. Mutual respect is a crucial part of yoga, and you must respect your teacher and their feelings as much you want yours to be. While many will tell you that student must show dedication and diligence in their yogic endeavors, it is also important that each student does their bit in maintaining the decorum of the class and making it […]

Yoga in Morjim

Things to Check Before You Choose Your Yoga Teacher Training

A Yoga teacher training course definitely plays a life changing role in every participant’s life. Good schools don’t just teach a few asanas but also guide and help the students to be aware of their inner self on  their path of self-awakening. Yoga teachers should not only understand and pass on the learnings about the yogic poses but also possess a deep understanding of the philosophy of yoga, the anatomy and body physiology that yoga believes in as well as […]

Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for Private Lessons

The popularity of yoga is on the rise ever since people started realizing the value it gives to their lives. As a yoga teacher, providing classes at your home can reduce the cost that is spent on logistics, rental and helps you to be flexible with the timings too. But preparing your home for private yoga classes requires you to put in some quality and careful work to give the best experience for your clients. It is important to make […]

Tips on How To Start Your Home Practice As A Yoga Teacher

Yoga teacher training programs are now pretty popular since people have come to appreciate their benefits including improved self practice, reduced stress and improved flexibility among others. Once students have completed their yoga teacher training, some of them are keen to start their yoga teaching journey. For many students, it is difficult to open up a studio. Hence, many people start their career by offering yoga lessons from their homes. Here are some considerations to make when starting your home […]