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Full Moon Yoga Asana and Meditation

Full Moon Meditation Event In Dharamkot

Calling all moon worshipers, this week we will celebrate this month’s full moon on Thursday the 2nd of July with a Full Moon Event! After the evening Yoga Class in Dharamkot, we will practice a gentle moon flow with pranayama, meditation and space for intention setting and manifestation. The moon has such a powerful effect on our body, yet because it is subtle energy (energy we cannot see) we often misinterpreted or overlook its impacts. The full moon phase in […]

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How To Apply For Yoga Teacher Training Course At Abhinam Yoga School?

Applications for Yoga Teacher Training Courses need to be submitted online. Anyone seeking to pursue YTTC at Abhinam Yoga Center must apply online by filling up the application form here: Before registering, if you want to know more about Abhinam Yoga Center, please visit or check our youtube channel videos: You can also read about our teacher training courses at and decide whether to opt for a 200 hours YTTC or 300 and 500 […]

Yoga Self Love

Self-Love Tips #1

  Take the time today so it and appreciate your body, grab hold of your feet and massage them, appreciate all the hard work they do for you every day without thanks. Pay attention to every toe, every line and crease, massage your feet until you feel the energy flow, the prana, life force in your feet start to vibrate and smile with thanks for your love and attention.  

international yoga day 2015

Abhinam Yoga Celebrates First International Yoga Day in Dharamkot

On 21st June, 2015,  Abhinam Yoga Center in Dharamkot celebrated the first ever International Yoga Day. It is a free event for all of the students and the public to come and celebrate with us. The celebration included asana practice, meditation, mantra and the most admired “Angel Walk”. If someone has never heard or experienced the Angel walk then they are missing out, because it is such a powerful experience of surrendering, trusting and opening oneself up to the love […]

Inspirational quote for yoga Students

Thought For The Day

The truth is new, is scary, because it challenges our old thought patterns. Finding your own personal truth which resonates with you is so important, especially for those on the yoga path, because it teaches us to look within. If you are searching for your truth, do not be scared to make the first step. Take the jump, the leap with open eyes, knowing that every step we take along the path leads us in the right direction- to ourselves.

Inspirational Life Quotes

Thought For The Day

“So often we tend to stay in jobs we don’t like, relationships that don’t work and environments that don’t suit us. Instead of continually finding our next ‘adventure’ or challenge, we stay in our comfort zone. So next time you find yourself in a situation that has become habitual, easy or mundane. Seek the challenge, the adventure and notice the change in your being.”

Yoga Teacher Training Courses In Dharamsala

Abhinam Yoga Offers Rolling in System for Yoga TTC in Dharamsala: Press Release

Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh — (ReleaseWire) — 06/12/2015 — Abhinam Yoga Center has announced the commencement of a rolling-in system for its Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow 200 hr and 500 hr Yoga TTC in Dharamsala. Rolling-in system offers one-stop solution to those willing enthusiasts coming especially from abroad who are unable to join scheduled classes due to visa hassles and other such issues. While the students can join an on-going course on any dates suitable to them, they are expected to complete their […]

Yoga In Dharamkot

Abhinam Yoga Center Announces Drop in Yoga Classes in Dharamsala

Abhinam Yoga Center At Dharamkot is now offering flexible daily drop-in yoga classes in Dharamsala twice daily for students of all levels and abilities. The morning Ashtanga Vinyasa class is from 8am-10am and the evening Iyengar Hatha class is 5pm-7pm. Both classes provide the opportunity for students from any experience and background to further their yoga practice and deepen their knowledge of core postures, improving personal strength and flexibility in a supportive atmosphere. All classes are taught by Yoga Alliance Certified […]