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Yoga Philosophy in India

Why Study Yoga Philosophy in Your Teacher Training Course?

Why do i need to study Yoga Philosophy in a teacher training course?  Or I am only interested in learning the physical part, so how will it benefit my teaching career? These are some of the queries that we get before students apply for our teacher training courses. In the article below, we will try to explain as to why your teacher training course will be incomplete if we exclude studying yoga philosophy. Yoga Philosophy means ‘Darshan Shastra’ that is […]

Yoga Retreats in Goa

6 Things Your Yoga Teacher Wants You to Know

When you start off with your yoga teacher training courses or workshops, there are some things every student must remember. Mutual respect is a crucial part of yoga, and you must respect your teacher and their feelings as much you want yours to be. While many will tell you that student must show dedication and diligence in their yogic endeavors, it is also important that each student does their bit in maintaining the decorum of the class and making it […]

Yoga Teacher Training In Goa

Excuses Holding You From Not Joining Yoga Teacher Training Course In India

Do you want to be a Yoga teacher? Are you being constantly disturbed by negative thoughts that keep you from doing so? Many of Yoga enthusiasts we have come across face similar situations. These negative thoughts are mere excuses and obstacles that are holding you back from living the most blissful life you may experience even if teaching yoga its not your plan. Here are the most common reasons that one may come up with for not joining the Yoga […]

Yoga In Dharamsala

Four Reasons To Practice Yoga In Himalayas

Evolved by the sages over thousands of years ago, Yoga is a holistic system for rebalancing the mind, body and spirit which elevates the level of human consciousness and results in a state of eternal bliss. There can be no better place to learn and practice the ancient art of Yoga in Himalayas amidst the majestic mountains and serene valleys of the Himalayas which is believed to be the locus origins of Yoga itself. Here are the top four reasons why […]

international yoga day 2015

What is Yoga Nidra?

Known to sages and yogis for over thousands of years and forming a part of the Eastern Yogic tradition, Yoga nidra is a unique way of practicing ‘exercise without movement’. It is a methodical way of bringing about complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation and rejuvenation. Contrary to its literal translation, yoga nidra is not just a sleep but a dynamic state of watchful awareness and profound relaxation. Touted to be amongst the most intensive of all meditation practices, yoga […]

Importance of Studying and Understanding Anatomy in Yoga Teacher Training Course

“Your body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.” – BKS Iyengar The above mentioned quote implies the importance of yoga for cleansing of the body. Yoga is a device for uniting the mind and body, and it is important to know the inner workings of the body for understanding the impact of asanas. When one does asanas with correct alignment and anatomical reflection then it becomes easier to synchronize breath and mind […]

Yoga in Dharamsala

Importance of Following a Healthy Lifestyle while Practicing Yoga

Contrary to the popular perception, Yoga is not just about exercise and breathing or twisting up one’s body like a pretzel or leading an austere life, but is rather a holistic way of life. Embracing a yogic lifestyle allows one to achieve the much sought after harmony of the mind, body and the spirit. It brings in a balance to all aspects of the life and also enhances the quality of life. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra talks of the eight aspects […]

How to do Virabhadrasana 2: Warrior 2 Pose

Facing Fears: The Art of Learning to Trust and Being Courageous

Let’s face it, we have all experimented them; Fear of failure, rejection, heights, public speaking the list goes on and on. The 4th Day of our Teacher Training Course was all about tackling those fears and learn how to deal with them. We focused on a calming Pranayama techniques called “Anulom vilom” which balances our energy channels and help us to attain a blissful state of peace and fearlessness. In our afternoon Teaching Methodology Class we started with Iyengar’s Wall […]

Yoga Teacher Training Course In Goa

Importance of Correct Alignment In Yoga Practice

Yoga today is an enormously popular form of self-exercise and self-discipline. Almost every locality can boast of its own special yoga guru who boasts of various unique approaches starting from Ashtanga yoga to hatha yoga and the like. While any or all of these could be incredibly useful for a person’s overall wellbeing, not just the physical health, what actually happens is people sometimes come away after experiencing big discomfort or extreme pain as a result of doing it. You […]