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Common Mistakes Made by New Yoga Teachers

After successfully completing a yoga training course, the graduates are usually very excited with high hopes of establishing successful businesses. However, most of them are faced with numerous challenges in trying to build their own brand in a sector that is already saturated. This, then becomes very frustrating, and it is common for new entrants to give up on the way.

The following are the top mistakes made by new yoga teachers:

1. Lacking a clear business plan

Most people venturing into yoga practice usually dismiss a business plan as just a formality, but this can make a big difference between succeeding and failing. You should start by coming up with clear goals and how you plan to achieve them. This should be followed by an intensive market research to gather information on your target audience, existing competition and how the yoga sector is performing.

The business plan must include the strategies that will be taken to help achieve your goals. Another important aspect to look into is carrying out the financial analysis so as to decide whether what will be the next step forward.

2. Failing to identify a niche

There are hundreds of new yoga teachers graduating from various schools every year, and this is putting a lot of pressure on a sector that is already saturated. To boost your chances of standing out among the masses, you should try to discover your niche, your strengths and interests. At Abhinam Yoga TTC Courses, students are regularly given feedback to improve their practice and discover their passion. You should also spend some time trying to test it by offering some free classes or taking feedback from your clients and fellow practitioners. This will help you identify the right clients that you would like to serve.

Understanding the needs of your target market will help you in designing the right classes. It will only be a matter of time before you become an expert in your niche. There are other benefits of specializing including:

  • Increasing fulfillment by meeting all your clients’ needs
  • Easier and more effective marketing since you will be targeting a smaller group
  • Attracting more students who relate to your way of teaching

3. Not investing in online promotion

In this modern age, people are relying on the internet to access easy and quick solutions to their problems. This is the same path that yoga students are following in trying to find the best teachers. A website or a social media channel like FB page will provide you with an effective way of telling your visitors what you proffer and why they should choose you. Instead of using plain text, you should try to include photos and videos related to your practice.

There are various steps involved in developing a functional website including selecting a domain name, paying for web hosting, choosing a content management system (CMS) and selecting a theme. Although it’s possible to do all this on your own, you will have better results by relying on experienced web designers and freelancers. Abhinam Yoga School graduates are often guided and helped by our team when it comes to online marketing.

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4. Poor marketing

As a starter, you will really need to invest in intensive marketing to make your presence known in the competitive yoga industry. Online marketing, as mentioned above, will provide you with an easy, cheap and convenient way of introducing your practice to your target audience. You can also start by creating business pages on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

There are various tips on attracting huge social media following including:

  • Posting original and quality content
  • Using photos and short videos to make them more engaging
  • Liking, commenting and following other similar pages
  • Using trending but relevant hashtags

If you have a website, you should invest in search engine optimization to make it easily visible to persons searching for yoga content. You should also make it easy for your visitors to navigate through the pages and then come up with ways of converting them into potential clients.

5. Failing to teach frequently

Perfecting the art will require you to teach regularly, and this means offering even free classes if need be. It is only by practicing that you will fully understand the needs of your students and you will also be learning new things in the process. Your efforts will start paying off eventually as you start producing well-trained students and this is where new yoga enthusiasts will begin looking for you.

6. Overlooking personal practice

With so much to consider and implement, it is easy to forget yourself by giving all the attention to your business and students. You should set aside enough time for your own practice, and you should feel free to ask for guidance from your teachers. This will help you in discovering new ideas and themes that will help you improve your practice. Exercising alone in silence will also help you to get the true feel of different postures.