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Excuses Holding You From Not Joining Yoga Teacher Training Course In India

Do you want to be a Yoga teacher? Are you being constantly disturbed by negative thoughts that keep you from doing so? Many of Yoga enthusiasts we have come across face similar situations. These negative thoughts are mere excuses and obstacles that are holding you back from living the most blissful life you may experience even if teaching yoga its not your plan.

Here are the most common reasons that one may come up with for not joining the Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Reason 1: I am too rigid to be able to do the difficult poses.

Myth: Those who do yoga are much more flexible than I am. They are more experienced and therefore able to flex their bodies in the advanced postures and inversions.

Reality: Yoga is for all shapes, sizes and abilities which implies that yoga teachers must come from all different categories of shape, size and ability. A good yoga training course takes care of the initial bodily rigidities as it takes you through the learning process.

Yoga Teacher Training In Goa

Reason 2: I barely have any time to spare for yoga.

Myth: Yoga training would ask me take out devoted time from my already packed work-life schedule. How would I be able to manage the added physical stress?

Reality: This exactly is the reason one should be joining a YTTC. Most of us are superficially acquired in our professional and personal lives and find it overtly difficult to spare any time for our personal rejuvenation. A good yoga training course will help you to spare the time and space for your own self. This will help you to recharge and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul and regain your enthusiasm.

Reason 3: I would not be safe travelling alone in India.

Myth: India is not safe for solo women travelers

Reality: Most of our students are solo women travelers from the west and in fact, they make up for more than half of the group. We also arrange for airport pickups and drops, provide private rooms for accommodation, well equipped and well-guarded in serene and sound locales. Goa and Dharamsala are touristic places renowned for hosting foreign visitors from across the world, throughout the year.  Of course, you have to be watchful while travelling out, but since most of the time you remain in your yoga ttc group, so there aren’t  issues with respect to safety.

Reason 4: I won’t anyways be a teacher.

Myth: I am not the teacher type and would not take up yoga teaching as a career path.

Reality: Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC’s) are not just meant for those willing to take up yoga teaching. They are designed to engage anyone, amateur or seasoned yogi in the learning and practice of a holistic yogic lifestyle.

Its high time you unshackle yourself from the hold of these negative thoughts and embark on a life-transforming experience. Invest in a good 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course in India at Abhinam Yoga School and feel the difference in your life.