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Facing Fears: The Art of Learning to Trust and Being Courageous

Let’s face it, we have all experimented them; Fear of failure, rejection, heights, public speaking the list goes on and on. The 4th Day of our Teacher Training Course was all about tackling those fears and learn how to deal with them. We focused on a calming Pranayama techniques called “Anulom vilom” which balances our energy channels and help us to attain a blissful state of peace and fearlessness.

In our afternoon Teaching Methodology Class we started with Iyengar’s Wall Rope Shoulder Opener Exercise. The support of wall ropes relieves our gravitational weight, opening up newfound space to let our body move freely. But first we had to overcome the Fear of letting go to fall forward. We were practicing various asanas of the standing sequence to build up our willpower and expressing our fearlessness in Virabhadrasana A & B (The Warrior Pose) by using different props for alignment.

How to do Virabhadrasana 2: Warrior 2 PoseRecognizing and acknowledging Fear for what it is, is the ability to then begin to control it. We began our 5pm Hatha Class with a consecration and playful exercises to start getting the feel of the Teacher Role and speaking in front of the students.

“As scary as the exercises felt, i thought it was a great way of experiencing what it is like to be the Teacher and it made me think about things i never thought of before” said Cayley, one of our 200 hrs yoga TTC In India Students. The importance of body language, tone of voice and facial expressions became clear to everyone.

Practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa intensively brings up a lot of emotions, it opens us up and what comes out can be terrifyingly scary. Asanas also help overcoming such emotions and fears by taking our awareness to the body parts where we can feel it. The neck and the hips hold a lot of emotional stress and that’s where we usually tense up. The Key is to breathe into the sensations and surrender to the unpleasant emotions that we experience while holding hip opening Asanas like Pigeon Pose for example.

Vulnerability is our greatest strength. Fears build a wall around us and restrict us and unless we become aware they can hold us back. We have to have Trust; trust in our own abilities, Trust others and generally trust life and its opportunities and don’t let the fear limit us. If we just trust the universe everything unfolds as it should.

Trust was our Theme in the Dancing Meditation Class where we all experienced being fearless and trust our partner to lead us. Through various dancing exercises we experimented with the leading role of a Yoga Teacher which was a great test for both; the leader and the person being led. It was also a lot of fun too and a perfect ending to our Day.