Abhinam Yoga Center | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone who wants to study at Abhinam Yoga School or contribute in any other way must fill the application form. Please click on the link below and fill the application form:


Once you fill in our application form, our course director will speak to you about your health and yoga practice. He will also be guiding you on how to prepare for your TTC. After his approval, we will send you the booking fees request.

Once we approve your application, then we’ll send you either bank details for money transfer or PayPal invoice for payment of non-refundable booking fee of 300 USD.

Please Note: Abhinam Yoga School observes no refund policy, which means no amount of fee will be refunded under any circumstances.

You can either pay the full amount in one bank transfer or you can first pay the booking fee via PayPal and rest of the amount must be paid on arrival in cash or via bank transfer either in Indian Rupees, USD or Euro.

PayPal charges approx 5% commission which will be borne by the student, in case, the student has not made the payment prior to arrival through bank transfer or unable to make payment in cash.

Hence, we suggest that all students must make sure that the payment is received prior to their arrival.

Tuition fee, study material, accommodation and three yogic meals 5 days a week are included in the total fee. Students are supposed to pay for their own meals on Saturday and Sunday.

Laundry service can be provided for an additional charge.

No. We can arrange for airport pick up and drop for an additional charge of 50USD one way.

We offer private and shared rooms with attached toilet and shower. Most of our rooms are private. However, some rooms have shared toilets.

Our accommodation in Goa has 2 campuses. First Campus is in the Shala building while Second campus is 5 mins walk away from the Shala.

Our Accommodation in Dharamsala is in the same building (with the indoor shala).

Accommodations are allocated on first come basis

Our meals are Yogic or Satvik. We rarely use any milk products. It is made simple and plain to support your yoga practice.

a) Morning breakfast: Porridge (a dish consisting of oatmeal or another meal or cereal boiled in water or milk) OR Muesli with yogurt Or Eggs

b) Lunch: Lentils with Rice, salad and Veggies

c) Dinner: Indian Thali: Rice, lentils (a high-protein pulse which is dried and ten soaked and cooked prior to eating) some cooked vegetables OR Khichdi (a yogic, ayurvedic and sattvic food, made from rice, vegetables and lentils. It is considered a light and nutritious food).

Note: The Food menu is subject to change according to season and availability.

Yes, if a student wants to eat something more or something other than what is offered to everyone then they will need to pay or arrange it on their own.

Yes. All students are suggested to eat vegetarian food during the course. Vegetarianism is part of our yoga philosophy.

Smoking and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited during the course. If caught, it would lead to expulsion from the course with absolutely no refund.

Yes. We have five days yoga intensive course for the absolute beginners, anyone can apply for that. You will get 30 hr of training which includes practice and theory of Yoga.

200 hr course is a Teacher Training Program, which is designed to give you necessary skill for being a Yoga Teacher. It implies that you will benefit from learning the subject of yoga during this course while you are learning how to teach it.

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Program offered at AYS includes 2-hours morning- evening high voltage Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice. Moreover it’s a program which usually starts from 7 AM and ends at 7 PM 6 days a week. You get breakfast and lunch breaks in between the classes. It also includes lots of theoretical study. It demands physical and mental preparation, strength, stamina and discipline. If you are new to yoga and physical training then this program will not be suitable for you. We suggest that you must have a regular yoga practice for at least 3-6 months prior to YTTC. It is helpful to be familiar with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system before coming to the course.

You can also apply to join our introductory 30 hr Yoga Intensive or 100 hr Pre-TTC program prior to 200 hr YTTC.

You must hold 200 certification from Yoga Alliance recognized school .

In order to join 300 hr YTTC you must know Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series, hence it’s important that you have studied and practiced Ashtanga Yoga before coming to any teacher training program at AYS.

If you have already taken the 200 hr YTTC from another school then you can apply for +300 hr YTTC at AYS which is a 5 weeks program.

If you have no certification from before then you can first take 200 hr certificate from Abhinam Yoga School and then apply for 300 hr YTTC and at the successful completion of both the courses you will receive a 500 hr certification.

Approximately, 20-30 students participate in each course but the number of students can vary from time to time..

According to Yoga Alliance requirements, in order to get certified you must attend all the classes to complete your hours. However, some situations might arise where you missed few classes say due to sickness. In that case, we have the following procedure to tackle that situation:

If you missed 1-2 days then you will need to schedule a private session of at least two hour with a trainer from our school.

If you could not attend more than 3-7 days then you will need to take the classes in the next training.

Please remember that if the hours are not complete, you will not receive your certificate. Hence, we strongly recommend attending 100% classes during the whole training. 

Yes. Our work exchange programs are only open for our graduates. Please click on the link below for more information:


You may expect between 9 to 12 hours/ week on written assignments and class observations. The homework is based on the topics covered in the class. Assignments are based on the guidelines provided for yoga teachers and internet marketing. In order to receive the certificate, you must attend all the classes and complete all the assignments.

We suggest that the students arrive latest by a day before the course start date and return tickets can be book on the same day or a day after the course ends. In case, the student plans to come early or leave at a later date, they will be charged extra as per the season room rates.

You don’t need to master all the asanas of Ashtanga Primary series either for coming to course or getting certified.


This is one of the specialties of our school, if you can’t do a certain pose then we’ll assist you to learn that asana with the help of props or teach you a variation of the pose which you can do easily and it will help you to develop the asana easily.

Take some examples:

  1. Many people have difficulty to achieve Bhujapidasana, then we show them how to achieve it with the help of using bricks.
  2. Some people find it difficult to do Kurmasana(Turtle pose) then they can do Badhakonasana(Bound Angle pose) as a preparation for Kurmasana

If you feel that you need to build your arm strength then you can develop it with doing Chaturanga with correct alignment, which will be taught at our school in details.

All we expect from you before coming to teacher training is that you have a regular practice of Ashtaga Vinyasa Yoga (2-3 times a week is enough) and you are familiar with the Names of Asanas in the primary series.

Other things you don’t need to worry at all, we’ll teach you everything. You just start taking your practice playfully and start playing with remembering the names of the poses, which we’ll send you with Welcome kit when we receive the payment of booking fee.

We want you to have fun with yoga and enjoy it, please do not take it as a heavy subject.