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Full Moon Meditation Event In Dharamkot

Calling all moon worshipers, this week we will celebrate this month’s full moon on Thursday the 2nd of July with a Full Moon Event! After the evening Yoga Class in Dharamkot, we will practice a gentle moon flow with pranayama, meditation and space for intention setting and manifestation.

The moon has such a powerful effect on our body, yet because it is subtle energy (energy we cannot see) we often misinterpreted or overlook its impacts. The full moon phase in the moons cycle is a fantastic time to set intentions to manifest for the month ahead, and alternately, it can also be used as a time to set intentions for things you wish to release as the full moon begins to wane.

So where are you right now, what are your needs? Is it a time of manifestation or release for you? Use the full moons energy to your advantage, listen to its insights and feel its effects on your mind, body and energy.

This week, let’s worship the moon! Every night before sleeping, spent 10 minutes appreciating and gazing at the moon.

Full Moon Yoga Asana and Meditation