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Abhinam Center in Patnem Celebrates Graduation of 200 Hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC, November 2015 Batch in Goa

“On 18th December 2015, Abhinam Yoga Center in Patnem successfully completed its final 200 hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC of the year. Twenty Students from more than ten different countries received their graduation certificates.”

Goa, India –12/22/2015 — On 18th December, 2015, Abhinam Yoga Center in Patnem completed its final 200 hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC of the year in South Goa. Students from across the globe felt a sense of accomplishment, enhanced self-awareness and a feeling of inner peace as they closed their experience with a heartfelt ceremony. Namito, The Course Director of Abhinam Yoga School, presented the students with their certificates, after reciting familiar mantras, reverberating in a positive, collective energy, shared through love and compassion between each individual at the end of one journey and the start of the next, as yoga teachers.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Abhinam Yoga Center in Goa promotes a scientific and spiritual approach by introducing students to all aspects like Daily pranayama classes to practice breathing techniques, meditation classes to focus the mind, philosophy classes to outline traditional teachings and Ayurveda classes to teach holistic therapy. This prepares each individual mentally for the journey ahead. Daily Áshtanga Vinyasa classes strengthen core practice. Teachings are imparted scientifically, with alignment and anatomy classes focusing on key muscles and bone structure. This alongside teaching methodology, gives the students the knowledge to teach safely and share their yogic outlook with others. This complete exploration offers a solid foundation to prepare the students to go deeper into their yoga practice.

Students approached for their feedback about the Yoga TTC in Goa had a common, positive response, elated by their individual experiences. Questioned to describe the highlight of their experience, each claimed a heightened sense of self awareness and a complete sense of calm and inner peace. With regards to course structure, each individual felt there was a good balance of spiritual and physical teachings. Students who were previously unsure whether they wanted to teach, were also interviewed. Each remarked they might consider teaching in the future as a result of the course. Through personal development, spiritual growth and increased confidence, the students felt an increased desire to share their experience and the practice of yoga with others.

One of the 200 hrs Ashtanga Yoga training in India students Britni Fazio, from Texas, said, “The course has helped me grow spiritually, through making connections with myself and others. This I will implement into everyday life and further my practice through sharing my knowledge and experience.” Another student Laura Namvar, from UK, concurred with this stating that the course has brought her a long way mentally and physically and she feels more comfortable about life in general. Alice Pollard, also from UK, stated, “The course was a complete experience and an incredible journey exploring mind, body & soul.” Signe Schineller, from Norway, supported this statement adding,”I came to learn Ashtanga but learnt so much more.” As advice for future students, both Signe and Alice suggested, “Come with an open heart, a very open mind for self-discovery.” Evidently the course has been a huge success, helping to enrich the lives yoga students, preparing them for further development on their yogic path as teachers and practitioners.