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How to find the best online yoga teacher training in India 2021?

With the horrendous second wave occurring in India, it seems as a far of idea to conduct In-person Yoga Teacher Training Courses. However, thanks to yoga alliance all yoga schools are now available to teach online and continue to spread the subject of yoga and meditation around the globe.

With more than 5000 yoga schools now online, it’s very natural for a student to get overwhelmed as to which school he/she should choose for experiencing the best and authentic yoga education.

However, not to worry. We will help you brainstorm your thoughts and choose the school according to your needs.

6 ways to select the best online yoga teacher training program:

1. What is the vision of the school? And does it click with you.
One of the foremost criteria to choose the right school is to read about the vision of the school and check whether it matches according to your thought processes and yoga practice. Reading the website, the courses which are offered, the curriculums, watching introduction videos and student testimonials will give you more insight about the school. If the school’s vision clicks with you then go ahead and book your course.

2. Is it affiliated with yoga alliance?
To make things simple, one can always check if the school is affiliated with any of the yoga alliance directories. According to the country of residence you can chooses which yoga alliance you want to be associated with. For example, if you are staying in UK or Europe, you can check if the school is registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) or not. This will work as a filter to select the best course for yourself.

3. What is the structure of the course?
While selecting the right school it is important to read about the course curriculum and the structure of the course. Check as to what will be the timings of each class. Weather all the classes are live or pre-recorded. If the timings of the class match with your lifestyle. One must choose the school according to the desired type of yoga practice. For example, if one is looking for Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training then they must select a school which provides that type of training.

4. What is the cost for the course?
To filter the schools further, one can check the budget of the course. Due to pandemic not everyone would have great income levels. The course should be reasonable and affordable. You can check if the school donates their money towards social development and education. These types of schools would make you feel safe as the institution is not looking to spread yoga as a business rather to expand the yoga community and rise the consciousness of the individual.

5. How much time does it take for completion?
An easy way to select the best online yoga teacher training program is by seeing how much time does it take to finish. As the courses are online the course structure should be more flexible in terms of time. If the student misses the classes, the teacher can always record the classes and send it to students so that he/she can watch according to their free time. These subtle aspects have a great impact while choosing the course. The ideal time for completion could range from 3 weeks to 3 months.

6. Talk to the school directly.
Lastly, contacting the school directly and finding out more information about the course is very helpful. A student can send an email to the school, fill the contact form or application form, call the course director or chat with the teachers and decide if the course is suitable for them or not.
Abhinam Yoga School India offers 100 Hour, 200 Hour and 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses. To know more about our course, contact us and we will get back to you at the earliest.