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How To Use Pinterest for Promoting Yoga Classes and Courses

What is Pinterest?

Started in 2012, Pinterest is a visual social media network created by individual users who collect images and ideas from the internet in order to “Pin” them to their individual PinBoards. Users can collect, create, share and repost information like pictures or videos based around themes that interest them. The social networking site was one of the biggest networks to launch in the last 10 years and has become one of the best ways to refer traffic to websites.  As such it has also become an important marketing tool for many businesses, especially those that cater to women with disposable incomes, such as yoga studios. According to Pinterest, over 68% of its users are women and 28% have over $100 000 a year in household income.

With this information in mind, it may be time to start promoting your Yoga classes through Pinterest. It is both easy to start, and already developed for businesses in mind.

Pinterest Business Center

The first step after setting up your business account is to visit the Pinterest Business Center to read up on everything the social network has to offer. It is the go-to location to determine how to make the network work for you. It is especially important to download specific applications to integrate your website and other social network presence together with Pinterest. This includes the Pin-it-Button and Follow-me-Button for websites plus the Pin-it-Bookmarklet. You can add the Pinterest sharing buttons to all your other social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Cross posting all your content is vital to gain the most exposure.

Pinterest can also guide you towards making money from advertising through promoted Pins. It can perform analytics on your audience, and offers tutorials on successful pinning.

How to use Pinterest For Yoga marketing

Brand Yourself On Pinterest

Once you are set up on Pinterest, it’s time to start building your PinBoards with content based around your specific yoga brand and ideal client. For yoga classes, this could be as varied as healthy recipe ideas, product placement (clothing, yoga mats), travel destinations that cater to Yoga Retreats, original tutorials, videos and pose guides; the possibilities are literally endless.

If you are adding your own original content, which is something you absolutely should do, ensure to always brand it. Always add a watermark or ensure your logo is front and center.  According to Pinterest, 80% of all pins are Re-pinned and therefore you will automatically set your company apart by being one of the 20% that creates new content.

How-To Information

As a yoga studio, creating original How-to content on poses, routines, and other tips can be crucial to developing your brand on Pinterest. Users will begin to follow your brand and share your original information with others, as you become the go-to resources for yoga.

If you are selling a product or tutorial, Pinterest also now offers the option to add “Rich Pins” which include product information, price and link to the sale page. Ensure all your pins include a link to your website to further direct people to your brand.