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Karma: What does it really mean?

Karma is a word we use a lot without really knowing its meaning and where it comes from. Does it mean Fate? Good or Bad Luck? Find out some interesting Facts about Karma you probably didn’t know before

What is Karma

The Sanskrit meaning of the word Karma is ‘action’ or ‘deed’ and refers to the law of actions – Cause and Effect.  Every Effect has its Cause with the Effect being already present in the Cause! Say whaaat? Think of an apple growing from a planted seed (Action), the fruit (Effect) already containing the seed (Cause) that will bear many more fruits (Effect). Just like the Apple and the tree, Karma is continuous.What is Karma

How does it relate to Yoga? Patanjali mentions Karma in his first Yoga Sutras; all conditions in the nature of our birth and life stem from our past actions, and are responsible for the experiences, pleasant or otherwise, which we meet in life.

Karma is also a fundamental aspect of Buddhism.

We differentiate 3 Types of Karma;

Past Karmas from our past lives that we are born with, these can’t be undone. So even if you are performing “right” in your present life, karmas from the past you will have to meet in this life. Believing and understanding this will prevent a lot of suffering and can explain why bad things happen even to good people.

Present Karmas are the pleasures and pain we experience in our present life due to good or bad actions. Our Intentions behind our actions play a big role i.e. if you have to tell a white-lie to someone in order to protect them and not out of selfish intentions it will result in good karma

Future Karmas The future Karmas are done on the bases of knowledge-like saving money for a big trip- or planting the seed for the Apple tree that we will harvest later or the next life. Therefore we should not just do good in order to receive. It’s not the destination- it’s about the beautiful journey of the ride that is life.

Understanding the Concept of Karma can help us become healthier happier and more relaxed. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair and things happen to us that are out of our control. Instead of feeling sorry for oneself and asking Why me? We can simple accept that it’s our Karma, that it is life trying to teach us a lesson so we can grow and rise above. However we should not identify with negative Karma and simply accept and making it our destiny.