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200 hours March 2016 TTC Student Review: Week 1

The first week of our March 2016 Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa is complete. From learning about alignment to anatomy, from mantras to meditation, we asked a few of them to share their experiences with us so far.


Yoga Teacher Training Student Testimonial in GoaNatalie, a 200 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training student from the UK, said that although the first week was tiring, by the end of the week she had gotten into the flow and was really enjoying it. She found it really useful to re-establish the foundations of her practice, which she believes will enable her to grow over the upcoming weeks. “I loved the anatomy classes,” she says. “They’ve made it really obvious which parts of the body to focus on in the asanas in order to get the most out of them.” She particularly found Namito’s alignment techniques for Warrior 1 helpful: “He explained that having the back foot turned inwards can damage the knee, which is how I’ve always done it. But he explained why, and it makes a lot of sense.”
Yoga Teacher Training Student Testimonial in GoaMartine, a 200 hour Yoga TTC student from Norway really enjoyed her first week. “I feel like my body has opened up a lot more and I’ve learned a lot more about yoga. I didn’t think so much about the postures I did before – at least not to the degree I do now. But now I focus a lot more on each asana. I already feel better about doing the practice.” She particularly found it useful the way Namito explained each pose in depth during the asana practice, helping her realise how each asana should be done correctly. “It was really beneficial going through each pose, and then practicing correspondingly. We then got to try out a bit of teaching on other people in the group, learning how to adjust them too.”
200 hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC in Goa Mandeep, a 200 hours student from the UK, admitted that the course was tough to begin with, as her body was still waking up a little bit. “The course is physically and mentally intense, but everyone is really friendly and all the teachers are there to help you. It’s a really supportive environment. I’ve learned a lot about alignment, and the asanas feel completely different when you know all the alignment techniques – when you learn where everything’s really supposed to be. I can really feel the muscles working.” Mandeep told us that she also really enjoyed the calming end to the days. “The restorative yoga practice in the evenings is really relaxing, and I really enjoyed the meditation at sunset – there was something a little bit magical about it.”
300 hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC in Goa Dani, a student from Germany, came to Abhinam to take her 300 hours Yoga TTC. Having already taken two TTCs and being an experienced yoga teacher, she has found the first week really interesting. “I think the instructions are great and I’ve learned a lot. I feel like I’ve taken a lot of new things on board and am really enjoying the use of props as well. Even though this is my third TTC, I am still learning lots of new things.” She mentioned that Namito’s medical knowledge has been beneficial in confirming the correct way to align and adjust people in the asanas. “In UpavisthaKonasana, I’ve been pushed by so many teachers … and I’ve never thought of it as bad. But now I’ve learned from Namito that it’s a bad thing to do because you can really damage someone like that – I didn’t know that.” Dani also really likes how the postures have been broken down and taken apart. “I’ve always struggled with handstand,” she says. “Jumping up with both feet together is something I’ve been working towards forever, I thought I’d never be able to do it. And this week I managed it! So I’m feeling happy with that.”

On the Wednesday of our first week, the students put down their yoga mats for a day to celebrate Holi, the spring festival of color and love. To celebrate, we took the students down to Patnem Beach armed with a rainbow of colorful paint to play with. “Celebrating Holi Festival was lots of fun,” said Natalie. “It was cool to stop thinking about yoga for just a moment and to just mess about with my new friends. And having the sea there to wash the color off afterwards was great!”
Holi Celebration at Abhinam Yoga