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200 Hrs Nov 15 Ashtanga Yoga TTC In Patnem: Second Week Student Experiences

Britni’s Experience

BritniBritni is 31 years old hair stylist living in Austin, Texas, US. Britni was attacked by a dog several months ago and could not have done any physical activities for half a year. Since that moment she has started to change her life considerably and brought yoga to her life. Britni had not had any expectations from coming to India and joining the yoga teacher training at the Abhinam Yoga School. Now during the second week of the training, she is observing already considerable changes. Britni has become much more self-aware. After being dependent on social media and connecting with others, she is now consciously taking much more time for her own. Generally, she feels very good, healthy and mentally and emotionally stable. Since her arrival, Britni can see that both her physical and meditation practice has deepened a lot. Britni is enjoying a different style that each teacher brings to the classes. On the top of that she says that when Namito is around, she naturally goes into a meditative state. Being away from her normal life, she can see how busy her life style was. After coming back home, Britni wants to continue on her yoga path, she wants to slow down and bring even more balance to her life.

Alice‘s Experience

Ashtanga Yoga TTC Student: AliceBefore turning 30, Alice wants to change her life in a way that it makes her truly happy. Before joining the teacher training at Abhinam Yoga School, yoga was for her mainly a physical practice. After just a few days, she has realized how vast the subject of yoga actually is. Now during the second week of the TTC, she feels very well. Moreover she is now experiencing a completely clear head. In her own words she says that whenever she closes her eyes, she can see nothing without any effort. Her favorite part of the day is the morning asana practice. Only after two rounds of sun salutations, her body gets immediately open and she feels great. Alice is also enjoying the philosophy classes as this topic is completely new to her and broadens completely her understanding of yoga. Alice is very happy about being here, she loves the area, people her, the feeling of community and familiarity. After finishing the TTC, Alice is planning to go back to London, where she lives and start right away with teaching yoga classes. In the future, she would like to establish an alternative fitness centre, where people can experience yoga in its wholeness, from physical practice, through pranayama, philosophy classes to meditation.


Paolo‘s Experience

PaoloPaolo is an Italian living Spain. He is very passionate about food and also works as a cook. Paolo has been a long term yoga practitioner. After joining the teacher training at Abhinam Yoga School, he can see big changes especially on his inner journey, his meditation. Even though, he feels tired after the second week, he feels very happy and grateful that he can be here. Before joining the TTC, he had a very different life style, he was a night person, waking up later during the day. Spiritually, he felt a bit isolated as he did not find himself conforming well to the western consumer oriented society. Experiencing the yoga life style, being part of a yoga community, he feels that much more connected to his natural rhythm that he has found himself. In his own words, the biggest task ahead of him is to stay on the yoga journey also when being back home. Paolo is willing to change his habits in order to make this happen.