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Abhinam Yoga Center TTC Review By Pavlina: Week 1

Having just completed the first week of the 200 hour Teacher Training Course in India, Pavlina’s eyes are glowing when i asked her how she is feeling “ I feel so very happy to be here and I’m enjoying the Teacher Training Course and its definitely meeting my expectations ”

Oct 15 Yoga TTC Student ReviewAlthough, she did feel physically challenged with the intensity of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice for the first few days, she got used to the routine pretty fast and she is already experiencing changes, not only in her body but also the state of her mind. She feels calmer and more relaxed. Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar Alignment was new to Pavlina and she said she already learned so much about correct alignment in the teaching methodology classes. It was a real eye-opener for her own practice as she realised that she wasn’t aligned correctly in most of her previously learned Asanas.

She really enjoys the structure of the course and feels there is a nice flow, the classes and breaks are well balanced. She feels the Teachings are unique and she appreciates the variety of the Teachers. Even though all Teachers have the same approach, they each bring different light into the Practice which adds diversity. She likes the “hands-on” approach and thinks it’s great she already learns how to do adjustments and gets the opportunity to teach other students.

Pavlina decided to change her life, she left her high-profile Job in the UK to follow the path of yoga after taking a 3-week Intensive Hatha Yoga Course and came to Abhinam to learn about the Unique approach which focuses on correct alignment. She feels she is in the right place and is very excited about the weeks to come, especially the Philosophy Classes that start the next week.