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Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for Private Lessons

The popularity of yoga is on the rise ever since people started realizing the value it gives to their lives. As a yoga teacher, providing classes at your home can reduce the cost that is spent on logistics, rental and helps you to be flexible with the timings too. But preparing your home for private yoga classes requires you to put in some quality and careful work to give the best experience for your clients. It is important to make it feel worthy of them so as to improve your clientele base. Taking into consideration of all the scenarios, listed are a few things to keep in mind on how to prepare your home for private yoga lessons:

Dedicate a space – Be it the living room, the hall, your bedroom or the shaded terrace, first thing to do would be to decide on a space where you can conduct these classes. It should be the space which makes the least or no disturbances to any others who are living with you in the house and also your neighbors. Make sure to consult with your family or friends, whom you are staying with to get a confirmation that they are perfectly fine with you using the space for the teaching purpose.

Practicing Yoga at Home

Quiet environment – One of the most important prerequisites of a yoga class is to have complete silence. Without a quiet environment, it will be not possible for the students to concentrate what you are teaching them. Make sure to dedicate a space for the classes which are away from the television, computer or any electronic items to provide a calm and quiet environment. Also, it would be a good thing to ask your fellow house members to consider not being loud enough to disturb the classes.

Make the space comfortable – The place should give a great vibe. Your students should feel comfortable being at the space and give their best every time. The room can be soundproofed if it is affordable to let the calmness prevail throughout. A few posters with positive quotes or messages can be hung on the wall which can help them ease into their comfort zone. Make the place more welcoming to anyone who wants to embrace the art.

Availability of necessary accessories – Invest in good quality mats, blankets, blocks and straps. The students will come prepared with a mat most of the time, but they might not think about the props like blocks and straps or the blanket. Being prepared with these will help in saving some time on a regular basis.

Schedule – Figuring out schedules with your students at least a day prior would be ideal to help you prepare the place and also to know whether you can accommodate everyone at once. It will also let you make your personal plans accordingly.

Following these steps will help you prepare your home with ease for your students and in turn, make the experience for them all the better. Abhinam Yoga School in India also helps and guides their teacher training course graduates on how to plan and start their yoga teaching journey.