Alignment in Yoga

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Importance of Studying and Understanding Anatomy in Yoga Teacher Training Course

“Your body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.” – BKS Iyengar The above mentioned quote implies the importance of yoga for cleansing of the body. Yoga is a device for uniting the mind and body, and it is important to know the inner workings of the body for understanding the impact of asanas. When one does asanas with correct alignment and anatomical reflection then it becomes easier to synchronize breath and mind […]

Yoga Teacher Training Course In Goa

Importance of Correct Alignment In Yoga Practice

Yoga today is an enormously popular form of self-exercise and self-discipline. Almost every locality can boast of its own special yoga guru who boasts of various unique approaches starting from Ashtanga yoga to hatha yoga and the like. While any or all of these could be incredibly useful for a person’s overall wellbeing, not just the physical health, what actually happens is people sometimes come away after experiencing big discomfort or extreme pain as a result of doing it. You […]

Oct 15 Yoga TTC Student Review

Abhinam Yoga Center TTC Review By Pavlina: Week 1

Having just completed the first week of the 200 hour Teacher Training Course in India, Pavlina’s eyes are glowing when i asked her how she is feeling “ I feel so very happy to be here and I’m enjoying the Teacher Training Course and its definitely meeting my expectations ” Although, she did feel physically challenged with the intensity of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice for the first few days, she got used to the routine pretty fast and she is […]

Using straps as props

Prop Up Your Poses!!

“The importance of incorporating props into your practice.” When I first stepped into a yoga studio I was overwhelmed by all the tools. Blocks, straps, balls, chairs, ropes, bolsters ,benches, blankets… what are these mysterious things and how do you use them? I powered my way through many yoga classes hardly using any props at all. I wanted the challenge and in my eyes props were just a waste of time, something a total beginner would need and a sign […]