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Yoga Teacher Training in India

Common Mistakes Made by New Yoga Teachers

After successfully completing a yoga training course, the graduates are usually very excited with high hopes of establishing successful businesses. However, most of them are faced with numerous challenges in trying to build their own brand in a sector that is already saturated. This, then becomes very frustrating, and it is common for new entrants to give up on the way. The following are the top mistakes made by new yoga teachers: 1. Lacking a clear business plan Most people […]

Yoga Retreats in Goa

6 Things Your Yoga Teacher Wants You to Know

When you start off with your yoga teacher training courses or workshops, there are some things every student must remember. Mutual respect is a crucial part of yoga, and you must respect your teacher and their feelings as much you want yours to be. While many will tell you that student must show dedication and diligence in their yogic endeavors, it is also important that each student does their bit in maintaining the decorum of the class and making it […]

Sharing Circles

5 Reasons why ‘sharing circles’ aren’t a Yogic thing

Compassionate Sharing Circles and other so-called “spiritual awakening” Rituals are often associated with Yoga in the West. Let’s throw some light on why they are not a part of Yoga, from an eastern perspective. #1 Yoga is Meditation. Meditation is observing one’s thoughts without judging them. By Sharing we tend to let those thoughts and feelings manifest in us as Emotions – Emotions live in the past- which defeats the purpose of Meditation: Being in the Present. #2  While recognizing […]

Yoga TTC practice class

Some Realities about Yogic Practice That No Book Will Tell You

In today’s world of high stress and several lifestyle oriented maladies, many people are resorting to yoga for not just its health benefits but also for seeking a way to handle this unimaginable stress levels. What exactly is yoga? Is it only meditation or chanting Omkar? Is it just another way to lose weight or is it just about mastering a breathing technique or wearing the sandalwood tilak on your forehead? Philosophy Of Yoga One would be reminded of the seven […]

Sattvic Food & Diet

Importance Of Staying Vegetarian During Yoga Practice

According to ancient wisdom one’s physical and mental state is a reflection of one’s dietary habits. Traditional yogis see Yoga as being inextricably linked to vegetarianism. Ancient Indian Treatises like the Laws of Manu, the Bhagavad Gita and even the Yoga Sutra by Patanjali explicitly lay down the dietary guidelines emphasizing on a vegetarian diet. Ayurveda classifies food into three types based on the effects it has on mind and body. Sattvic foods (fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, butter, grains) […]

8 Limbs of Yoga

Why Ashtanga Yoga is not for everyone: Myths decoded

There has been lots of talk doing the rounds about why you should not try Ashtanga Yoga. While the popularity of this style of Yoga has increased exponentially over the years, so has a community of people grown around it that disapprove of Ashtanga. Often there is a cloud of myth and mystery that surrounds the practice and keeps people from indulging in this transformative practice. More often than not, the myths are perpetrated and nurtured by a combination of […]