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Full Moon Yoga Asana and Meditation

Full Moon Meditation Event In Dharamkot

Calling all moon worshipers, this week we will celebrate this month’s full moon on Thursday the 2nd of July with a Full Moon Event! After the evening Yoga Class in Dharamkot, we will practice a gentle moon flow with pranayama, meditation and space for intention setting and manifestation. The moon has such a powerful effect on our body, yet because it is subtle energy (energy we cannot see) we often misinterpreted or overlook its impacts. The full moon phase in […]

international yoga day 2015

Abhinam Yoga Celebrates First International Yoga Day in Dharamkot

On 21st June, 2015,  Abhinam Yoga Center in Dharamkot celebrated the first ever International Yoga Day. It is a free event for all of the students and the public to come and celebrate with us. The celebration included asana practice, meditation, mantra and the most admired “Angel Walk”. If someone has never heard or experienced the Angel walk then they are missing out, because it is such a powerful experience of surrendering, trusting and opening oneself up to the love […]