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Yoga Teacher Training In Goa

Excuses Holding You From Not Joining Yoga Teacher Training Course In India

Do you want to be a Yoga teacher? Are you being constantly disturbed by negative thoughts that keep you from doing so? Many of Yoga enthusiasts we have come across face similar situations. These negative thoughts are mere excuses and obstacles that are holding you back from living the most blissful life you may experience even if teaching yoga its not your plan. Here are the most common reasons that one may come up with for not joining the Yoga […]

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What is Yoga Nidra?

Known to sages and yogis for over thousands of years and forming a part of the Eastern Yogic tradition, Yoga nidra is a unique way of practicing ‘exercise without movement’. It is a methodical way of bringing about complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation and rejuvenation. Contrary to its literal translation, yoga nidra is not just a sleep but a dynamic state of watchful awareness and profound relaxation. Touted to be amongst the most intensive of all meditation practices, yoga […]

Yoga in Goa

Abhinam School Opens Their Second Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center at Morjim in North Goa

Morjim, Goa — (ReleaseWire) — 07/25/2016 — Abhinam Yoga Center is delighted to announce the opening of its second teacher training and retreat center in North Goa within the premises of the erstwhile Mayurra Hotel located at Morjim in North Goa. Located in Pernem at the northern side of Chopdem river, Morjim is endowed with a blossoming green environment and extraordinary wildlife in the form of Olive Ridley turtles. Known popularly as the Turtle beach, it serves as the hatching […]

Yoga TTC In Goa

Abhinam School Announces Dates for 100 Hours Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course (Pre-TTC) in Goa

Abhinam Yoga School is pleased to announce upcoming dates for the 100 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in India for 2016-2017. This course is designed to help busy yoga teachers earn their 200 hour Yoga TTC in 2 parts. The Yoga Alliance has set 200-hour standards for yoga teacher training, meaning that yoga teachers must obtain 200 combined hours of training. Currently, almost 70,000 Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs) are a part of the Yoga Alliance, and Abhinam Yoga School is excited […]

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Student Testimonial

Yoga Journey With Abhinam School: Chienchien

Chienchien is from Taiwan and recently completed her 200 Hr Ashtanga Yoga TTC in Goa with Abhinam School. She used to be a corporate lawyer in Taiwan, but four years ago she decided to quit her job to travel the world and start fulfilling her dreams. She told us that this decision to change her path was mainly inspired by three things; the books of Osho, Steve Jobs’ famous Stanford Commencement speech, and the book The Secret: “All these things […]

300 hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC student review

300 hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC Student Review- Shin

Shin is originally from Korea but has been living in New York for the past five years working for the medical office, dealing with patients, doctors and insurance companies. Shin already took her 200 Hours TTC with a yoga school in New York some time ago and has been giving private yoga classes in New York since. But she felt that she wanted to learn more, so she came to Abhinam to take her 300 Hours certification. Shin told us […]

Ashtanga Yoga TTC student review

200 hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC Student Review- Marion

Marion is a 200 Hours YTTC student from France, but has lived in India for 2 years working as a massage therapist. She first discovered yoga in Thailand and really enjoyed it, so tried to keep it up by reading about it in books and online and taking drop-in classes to experiment with different styles of yoga. “I took some hatha yoga classes with different teachers, but they were a bit too slow for me because I need to move,” […]

Ashtanga Yoga TTC student review

200 hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC Student Review- Sneha

One of our 200 Hour March 2016 YTTC student, Sneha recently taught her first yoga class. Sneha, who works for a music channel Mumbai, has been an Iyengar student for three and a half years and was specifically looking for a course where they use Iyengar props. “That’s what I’m comfortable with and that’s what my base it,” she told us. “I stumbled upon Abhinam yoga while doing my research, and so I landed here.” Sneha admitted that she found […]

200 hours March Yoga TTC Student in Goa

200 hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC Week 3 Review: Tracy

Tracy is a Diplomat from the United States taking her 200 Hour Ashtanga Yoga TTC at Abhinam Yoga Center in Goa. Her job has taken all over the world, from Australia, to England to Belgium, and she is currently living in Delhi. Tracy’s yoga practice began back in the United States where she learned from yoga videos and from going Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga classes. Then a year and a half ago, Tracy decided to take a Hatha Yoga […]