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Yoga Retreats in Goa

6 Things Your Yoga Teacher Wants You to Know

When you start off with your yoga teacher training courses or workshops, there are some things every student must remember. Mutual respect is a crucial part of yoga, and you must respect your teacher and their feelings as much you want yours to be. While many will tell you that student must show dedication and diligence in their yogic endeavors, it is also important that each student does their bit in maintaining the decorum of the class and making it […]

Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for Private Lessons

The popularity of yoga is on the rise ever since people started realizing the value it gives to their lives. As a yoga teacher, providing classes at your home can reduce the cost that is spent on logistics, rental and helps you to be flexible with the timings too. But preparing your home for private yoga classes requires you to put in some quality and careful work to give the best experience for your clients. It is important to make […]

Tips on How To Start Your Home Practice As A Yoga Teacher

Yoga teacher training programs are now pretty popular since people have come to appreciate their benefits including improved self practice, reduced stress and improved flexibility among others. Once students have completed their yoga teacher training, some of them are keen to start their yoga teaching journey. For many students, it is difficult to open up a studio. Hence, many people start their career by offering yoga lessons from their homes. Here are some considerations to make when starting your home […]

Yoga Teacher Training Course In Goa

Importance of Correct Alignment In Yoga Practice

Yoga today is an enormously popular form of self-exercise and self-discipline. Almost every locality can boast of its own special yoga guru who boasts of various unique approaches starting from Ashtanga yoga to hatha yoga and the like. While any or all of these could be incredibly useful for a person’s overall wellbeing, not just the physical health, what actually happens is people sometimes come away after experiencing big discomfort or extreme pain as a result of doing it. You […]

Yoga Pranayama Energy Centers

Importance & Benefits of Practicing Pranayama in Yoga

The word “Prana” stands for life force and this is believed to be the vital energy or life force that encompasses the body. This also serves as the link between the consciousness and the mind. It was believed that once the breath starts to wander, the mind also becomes unsteady. Once the breath is still, your mind is still as well. Breathing is essential since this is the only way for you to send the “oxygen” inside the body and […]

Yoga TTC practice class

Some Realities about Yogic Practice That No Book Will Tell You

In today’s world of high stress and several lifestyle oriented maladies, many people are resorting to yoga for not just its health benefits but also for seeking a way to handle this unimaginable stress levels. What exactly is yoga? Is it only meditation or chanting Omkar? Is it just another way to lose weight or is it just about mastering a breathing technique or wearing the sandalwood tilak on your forehead? Philosophy Of Yoga One would be reminded of the seven […]