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Abhinam Yoga School Student Testimonial: Parth

There are only a few times in your life when you meet a person and you feel so connected to them instantly because they have reached a place within themselves that is full of love, compassion and excitement for life. This is what it feels like to talk with Parth, one of 200 hrs Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Student.

June Yoga TTC Student TestimonialHaving been spiritual inclined from an early age, Parth speaks about yoga, not as a practice of physical postures or exercise but as a way of “connecting with the divine”.  Having meditated since childhood, Parth has had a lot of experiences of meditation where he has connected with his true self and “nature of … [his] reality”. These experiences have been so profound that he is unable to express them in words, but one can see when looking into his eyes that he has seen beyond this gross, material reality and into the subtle and spiritual world that so many yogis seek.

Having completed the first two weeks of the Teacher Training Course, Parth is so happy and thankful he has found Abhinam Yoga School in Dharamsala as he feels that “everyone here is very loving and positive” and that the “good vibrations” of the teachers, students and space really helps everyone to grow spiritually.  He intends to stretch the limits of his mind and body through this yoga course and seeks to facilitate a meditative process with the flow of breath and prana with his body. He believes this practice will unveil the “infinite possibilities… [of his] human mind” and help condition his body to be able to reach this state.

Parth has emerged himself in the yogic philosophy and practices being taught at Abhinam Yoga as he believes that “Yoga will relieve you from all the ideas and misconceptions of the mind”, as taught in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. He has come to Abhinam Yoga School because he believes the “body is the temple where the soul and the self reside”. This belief motivated him to join this YTTC course to help him purify not only his mental body which he has been doing with his meditation practice, but also his physical and energetic body which he believes will lead him to his bliss body and the union with the “universal self”.