Abhinam Yoga Center | Testimonials

“Namito‚Äôs teaching is sincere, light-hearted and very professional. I enjoyed the atmosphere of playfulness, while still creating the balance of strength and flexibility. I felt safe to go deeper in the asanas without losing my connection to the breath and myself. His calm, equanimous nature inspired me to go further on this path of yoga. I would recommend his classes to anyone who wants to learn the base of yoga, or who wants to deepen their own practise and understanding.” ~ Kate Curtis

“Thank you so much for enabling me to join and complete the 200 h Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dharamshala, India (August- September). I really enjoyed the course, especially the classes with Maki, Ritu and my philosophy class with Namito. Thanks to the whole Abhinam Yoga Team for support during the course. Enjoy your next TTC in Goa.” ~ Emma Stanzl Singh from UK

“I was looking for a course to deepen my yoga practice and the Ashtanga 200h TTC was definitely the right choice. We had 4 teachers with different focus (alignment, anatomy, philosophy, meditation) and I was impressed with the quality of the teaching: very precise, careful and kind. It was hard work, the best way possible: the early morning practice is very intense, and it’s indescribable to do sun salutations watching the sun come up, while you’re focused on the alignment of your breath, body and mind. It’s like suddenly everything makes sense. I have some years of yoga experience and felt it was quite demanding, but there were also students with no prior experience and everyone was able to evolve so much in their abilities. I had some hard lessons from pushing myself too much, so my advice is to listen to your body, and have patience. The philosophy lessons and meditation techniques made the experience complete, and it’s beautiful to be in a routine where all of these aspects of yoga come together. I learnt so much more than I expected, this was truly a life changing experience to me. Accommodations were simple, clean and spacious. The food is nutritious, tasty and repetitive (there are plenty of restaurants around in case you need a change). Location was great, 5min from the beach (beach meditations!), Morjim area is very peaceful, not crowded. The staff was great, and a special thank you to Abi, Deepika, Taru and Ankita, amazing teachers from whom I learnt so much.” ~ TATIANA

“Every teacher including senior Yog Shunyio and the director, marketing head Ansh taught us various aspects of promoting, building up awareness about yoga through the well spread medium of internet. It completely reflects in their school, the discipline, the routine and focusing on growth of every individual is definitely recommended environment to learn yoga from beginners to the advance level.” ~ PARTH S

“It was an¬†awesome time at¬†the school and can’t not even describe how life-changing and amazing my¬†time¬†was. I¬†learned so¬†much from Asanas, Philosophy to¬†Anatomy and much more. Everybody is¬†so kind and treats you like you belong to¬†their family. The staff is¬†always there for you when you need help and the food is¬†just amazing! It’s so¬†delicious, healthy and always varying. During the day you can spend your breaks at¬†the beach. I¬†am thankful for everything I¬†learned and everyone I¬†got to¬†know there and can just recommend everybody to¬†go there :)” ~ Jonathan Giomo

“This is¬†the place to¬†go if¬†you want to¬†deeper¬†your practice and go¬†within. The food was always amazing and the accommodation was great. I¬†loved the instructors yogic background and experience. I¬†was privileged to¬†have the opportunity to¬†study in¬†a small class with such well teachers. The location of¬†the course was very good for¬†me. It¬†is peaceful and near to¬†just a¬†short walk from the gorgeous Morjim Beach ūüôā” ~ Naomi P

“The whole experience at Abhinam Yoga was wonderful! Location is perfect. I learnt a lot more about yoga and meditation through the teachers and at yoga classes here. Food was amazing and everyone is really very responsive, helpful and friendly to talk to! I will be definitely going back here for learning more and highly recommend this yoga School to everyone :)” ~ Arzoo Ali

“It was a great experience. I went alone and was apprehensive at first but Taru and Deepika were very welcoming and hospitable. The yoga and meditation classes were good and powerful. I also enjoyed learning about anatomy. It was my favorite class of the course. Thank you Meera. It was great to have the opportunity to focus on your body and learn correct alignment. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was very calm and the accommodation was simple but comfortable. I have learnt things about my lifestyle that I plan to improve on. I would recommend the course!!” ~ Manon Brun

“I had the experience of my life! I did enjoy everything in my 300 hrs YTTC! from staff, the consistency of the teaching, knowledge and the way that was presented to us. The food was amazing, location of the school one of the best near the beach, far from the noisy streets. The teachers were amazing. If you are thinking about doing a course this is the right place :)” ~ Claudia White

“Abhinam Yoga Turned Me¬†Into a¬†Yoga Teacher!

I sit here writing this, about 2¬†months since my¬†200¬†Hour Yoga Teacher Training, with a¬†smile on¬†my face and pure¬†joy. I‚Äôm about to¬†go and teach my¬†4th class for the week, and every class taught is¬†a team come true¬†‚ÄĒ and I¬†have Abhinam Yoga to¬†thank.

I attended the Dec/Jan ’17 YTT batch in Goa, India. Where to begin…the Teachers were fabulous. All the staff had years of knowledge and experience under their belt, and were always very encouraging and helpful. Senior teacher Depepika was especially knowledgeable in Philosophy and was always willing to make time to chat about concepts or problems we were having.

The facilities are great. While there are 2¬†shalas: rooftop and outdoor ‚Äėjungle‚Äô shala, the outdoor shala was especially peaceful and serene.

The food was amazing. Seriously, I lost 8kg and I stuffed my face every day. Being vegan is easy at Abhinam!

The most exciting thing for me, and most of the students I’m sure, was being taught and in the presence of Yoga Master Yoga Namito, a direct disciple of B.K.S Iyengar and Sri Patthabi Jois (NAME DROP, I KNOW!!) but his stories, insights, and general attitude to life was very profound.

I rate this school 10 out of 10. Hoping to go back later in the year!

And like I¬†said, I’m now teaching yoga at¬†3¬†different gyms/studios¬†‚ÄĒ what more could I¬†possibly ask¬†for?” ~ Robbie Allison-Young

“I had a wonderful and very intense time at Abhinam Yoga Center. Surrounded by a beautiful environment and lovely fellow future yogis Abhinam gave me the opportunity to grow a lot this past month. I am really thankful for everything I have learned from the whole Abhinam Team; they are all teaching from their hearts and in every class shared their unique energy with all of us. Also the school facilitates the knowledge it needs to continue the yogic path afterwards; they give recommendations for inspiring books and occasionally share articles from their personal lecture. Also the food and accommodation was fantastic. Every day they serve sattvic food: a combination of rice, dahl, cooked vegetables and fresh salad so your body gets the necessary support for the practice and is not too busy with heavy digestion. The accommodation is held nice and simple which makes it easy to disconnect after a day filled with practice and studying. From most of the rooms you can admire the majesty of nature or just have a 3 minute walk to the beach. If you want to explore the surroundings you can easily rent a scooter.” ~ Franzisca Rojas-Bergan

“It was very great experience joining Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) where I have learnt Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and resotrative form of yoga. After practicing here now I can more focus on my alignment. It was also very good to learn different types of meditation technique and philosophy. I have become confident on how to teach a yoga class, both in theory and practice. I know how to sequence a class, how to present myself as a teacher, how to approach my students, and how to create a safe and positive environment for people to practice yoga.” ~ Peggy R. Ruiz

“Completed my 5 day workshop last month. I had an amazing experience with these wonderful teachers. They are all so loving, patient and helpful. Being a beginner, I learnt so much about ashtanga yoga practice and how to use props. I hope to continue my home practice and come back soon for my TTC.” ~ Jennifer Eisenhower

“Professionalism, talent and lots of love‚Ķ I instinctively chose Abhinam School with 300 hours course to complete my 500 hours and was one of the smartest decisions of my life! A Course in Abhinam help you to understand and to go deep in modern life yoga‚Ķ Teachers, Deepika, Maki and Alina are really inspiring, professional and full of love for their teaching and their students. Abhinam course is an instant change of life and the big Master Namito is a gift for the world! Thank you from the heart! Namast√®” ~ alberta allegrezza

“Thank you abhinam yoga school for this transformation life course you give¬†me. I¬†don’t know where to¬†start my¬†review, the whole experience was really amazing. Will start with teachers they were really great, learned a¬†lot from them and their knowledge. Namito is¬†a great teacher who was never selfish to¬†share his knowledge and experience with¬†us, he¬†was kind and patient with us¬†all the time. Also I¬†learned from maki a¬†lot who was always teaches with kindness and firm at¬†the same time, and deepika was a¬†very good teacher too and her passion to¬†philosophy made me¬†love the philosophy class and wants to¬†know more and read more, for the sweet anniina she passed to¬†me her passion and love to¬†yoga. I’m very grateful to¬†all the teachers in¬†abhinam yoga and the knowledge they shared with love and passion. Thank¬†you.

I think one of the best in this school is the knowledge of alignment and adjustment they teaches there very good helped me a lot in my practice and it will help me to share this knowledge to more people in my future classes. The school is very clean rooms are good, the Shala was very good too and equipped with all the materials I needed in my practice, the nutrition we had was very good too and healthy balanced. At the end I want to say thank you abhinam yoga school for this amazing experience you gave me I’m very grateful to you.” ~ Ramy Elkout

“Beautiful expirience, i loved India colture and the colours and smell of positive vibes all around the Abhinam school! Teachers are so nice and great! Namito, the main teacher have a lot of knowledge in yoga, not only as fisical part but also spiritual. My classmate were amazing and everything around was so chill, healty and magical. Namaste Choppy” ~ Gloria Gaspari

“I have completed my 30hr Yoga Training course at Abhinam Yoga School in Dharamkot and I had a wonderful learning experience there! The location in the village of Dharamkot at the foothills of the Himalayas is beautiful and peaceful and the environment is perfect for learning yoga. From the first time I met Namito and the other teachers at Abhinam I felt welcomed and accepted! Throughout the course I felt that I was getting support for my learning as well as on a personal and holistic level. All the teachers there have integrity and welcome any feedback and suggestions and helped me find ways to improve my practice. They are very responsive to the individual needs of each person and are always full of encouragement and positivity in any situation! I Highly recommend Abhinam Yoga School” ~ Jari Suraivas