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The perks of Online YTTC

The 8 perks of online yoga teacher training:

The pandemic has caused varied changes in the way we talk, think, write and educate ourselves. Pre Covid-19 there was a universal pattern of learning and education wherein there would always be a student classroom environment. However, in existence nothing remains the same everything is undergoing a constant change.

The online yoga teacher training surprisingly now is the new trend. Who thought that there would be a time to pursue virtual training in yoga? Earlier planning for a yoga teacher training was not just limited to the academic side of it but there was deep consideration in choosing the right geography and safety of the individual. Online training has made it simpler for everyone to choose from a wide range of yoga schools around the globe according to one’s prerequisite and interest.

Is online YTTC reliable?

All of us are so used to the classroom environment for learning and education. Perhaps, it would be undesirable for us to make a changeto educate ourselves by sitting in front of a computer screen. Why? Because many of us have an aversion towards spending long hours in front of a digital screen. Now days almost every work is done by a computer that using it for education would be the last on our laundry list. But hey! Things change in the universe. We need to adapt to the new generation of fashion and use of modern science and technology!

When we can acquire different skills with just one click then why not? Online education is one of the most time saving and reliable medium of education.And when different education and learning programs are made available digitally then why should yoga and meditation lag behind?

Let’s look at the 8 benefits of online yoga teacher training so that you can be more open minded and widen your horizon to connect to a vast yoga community that is awaiting your presence!

1. Study according to your own pace:

The best part of opting for an online yoga teacher training is that you can start the course anytime and anywhere. There is no time slot to start and finish your course. There is a common question; What if I miss my live class? Well it is not a compulsion to attend the classes at a given time. If at all you missed your live sessions with the teacher you can always go back and study from the recorded or pre-recorded sessions. One can study at their own leisure time and there is absolutely no stress for always being present!

Earlier a simple 200-hour yoga teacher training course would be for 21- 25 days wherein the student would be overwhelmed with the vast knowledge given to them in a short time frame. Now with the help of online portals the study is calmer and the student can dive more deeper into their area of interest through research and increased time frame for completion of the course.

2. Lifetime access to your study material and content

Through online yoga teacher trainings there is a life time access to the study material provided by the teachers to their students. Now, there is no need to stack books upon books in your book shelfs or have a bundle of files with notes written which becomes disintegrated and faded as time passes. It is always easy to have your study material organized and safe online. There is no chance of misplacing them online until you yourself discard them!

Yoga is not just about asana practice rather it has a very rich literature. Yoga theory includes subjects such as yoga history, philosophy, yoga anatomy which needs to be carefully understood and practiced. If at all you are away from your home and still want to continue practicing yoga then this life time access of your study material and content would be of great use to you. Once you have the foundation set and safe then it does not take time for the seed to sprout!

3. Time and cost effective:

The subtle yet massive shock of the corona virus pandemic and the lockdown has caused deep long-lasting scars in the global economy. The per-captia consumption of demand and supply have greatly been disrupted by this blow which has left millions of people underemployed.

In this horrific scenario of the world traveling to India or any other part of the world for yoga teacher training may not be the best option for you. Hence, an online yoga teacher training would be more relevant as it is easy on the pockets and does not demand your full-time commitment.

You can join the live classes if you manage to sneak in time from your jam-packed schedule or if not, then the classes are always recorded for the student who have missed so that can watch it later and cope up with their syllabus. Hence, check out our course dates and fees page to find the right course time for you.

4. Creative learning

Learning is always enhanced when there is use of colors, visuals and pictures. Every individual brain is unique in terms of learning. Some grasp the topics easily when the learning is visual with the use of pictures, diagrams while others learn better through auditory devices like audio records. Kinesthetic learners learn the best when doing a physical action and lastly there is learning through research and writing.

You will be astonished to know that the online yoga teacher training course includes all the four types of learning. From studying through online PDF’s power point presentations which have many photos and diagrams to using your auditory skills to hear the Sanskrit pronunciations of yoga asanas and terminologies the online YTTC has it all. The asana practice makes you physically sense the alignment of each pose which is a form of kinesthetic learning. Hence, more than a normal regular YTTC and online yoga teacher training would open up new creative channels in your brain which would empower you to become a successful yoga teacher.

5. No fear of competition

Let’s face it whenever we are in a group class either doing a yoga teacher training or daily yoga class there is always an unconscious attribute of competitiveness. Everyone tries to be better than the other. This leads to diverting you from yourself and focusing on the other and trying really hard to somehow do the pose crookedly. Virtual yoga trainings would ease this hitch. Now, you will focus more on yourself rather than on the other and practice the asanas according to your physical limitations and comfort.

6. No distraction from the surrounding

Now days yoga school for a yoga teacher training courseis not only chosen according to the academic standards but also to the geographical location. Often the learning becomes scattered because who does not want to be touristy in a holiday destination?Hence, learning to some degree would be affected. When learning online, we can study from any part of the world just by using our technology rich gadgets and focus on what’s being thought rather than the surrounding.

7. Eco-friendly:

The pandemic has already caused deep wounds in us and the mother earth. By opting for an online portal of yoga training you give your small contribution towards the protection of our ecology, help in reducing the pollution and the use of paper.

8. Choose from a wide range of yoga styles:

Last but not the least virtual yoga trainings help us to choose from a wide range of yoga styles which is best fits your interest and personality. The yoga student can always attend several classes to have a taste of different forms of yoga and such as yin yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, kundalini yoga and the list goes on…

The online teacher training there is not only limited to the200-hour, 300 hour or 500-hour yoga teacher training courses but it also comes with various 5-day online retreat courses which help in bringing holistic health and well-being to your daily lives.

By looking at the above points let’s try to make our vision broader and help uplift others by making a global yoga community virtually. Through the online portal we connect to various like-minded people who work as building blocks in our yogic and spiritual journey.