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Things to Check Before You Choose Your Yoga Teacher Training

A Yoga teacher training course definitely plays a life changing role in every participant’s life. Good schools don’t just teach a few asanas but also guide and help the students to be aware of their inner self on  their path of self-awakening. Yoga teachers should not only understand and pass on the learnings about the yogic poses but also possess a deep understanding of the philosophy of yoga, the anatomy and body physiology that yoga believes in as well as the mental awakening that it entails. So what are the key elements that a yoga enthusiast should ask before joining the teacher training course and what is it that they should be looking for?

Yoga Teacher Training in India

Experience & Credentials Of The School And The Lead Teacher:

You must remember that you are not only going to spend your money on the course fees or the flight tickets but also give your valuable time which you could have given elsewhere. Hence, research is the most important step before you start off your selection process. You must jot down all the questions to ask about the quality of the training, credentials of the school online, check the reviews etc.  This will mentally prepare you to know what kind of training you would be receiving and how well they will help you in your journey ahead. So never shy away from knowing the credentials of your teachers and then starting off the overall training process.  Most good school’s websites will have a detailed information about their staff and training. If you do not receive a proper response, you must consider changing the yoga school if the credentials of the instructor or the training standards do not fall in line with your expectations.

As a part of our registration process, Abhinam Yoga School has made it compulsory for the participants to speak to our Course director and ask any academic related queries about the course.

Is The School Registered Internationally:

If you plan to teach, then Global accredition to International bodies like Yoga Alliances must also be another important factor in selection of your school. There are many schools which are globally recognized and are not affiliated to any international body. This is fine if you just want to practice for yourself. However, keep in mind that if you choose to learn yoga under an instructor or a school, which is not recognized or acknowledged, their certificate will hold no value if you plan to look for a job as a teacher. Unfortunately, for many employers, who are looking to hire a yoga teacher, you would be only as good as your certificate is. Hence, for that reason, it is very important that you earn a certificate that is from a globally renowned school or recognized by international yoga bodies like the Yoga Alliance. Most of your employers would never want to sit and understand how much yoga you know. That is the harsh reality. Your Yoga Alliance certificate will help you in taking your aspirations further as a Yoga Teacher after all the time and expense you have devoted in training as a Yoga Teacher.

Abhinam Yoga School is accredited with Yoga Alliance, which are accepted worldwide.

Yoga Teacher Training Course In GoaThe Style Of Yoga:

It is important to understand the style of yoga that you want to be learning and feel more in tune with. While the core philosophy of  is the same but it be in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga or Vinyasa flow, each one stresses on a key element. Hence, before you start your practice as a teacher, it is important that you go to the depth of that understanding and know for yourself the lineage and the roots of the yogic style that you are set to take forward. Apart from the physical practice, once should also look at other aspects of the training as well. You might find many teachers who might not even know anything about the style apart from the mere name they are teaching, therefore, it is imminent to have a deep-rooted understanding of the style of yoga you follow and the philosophy behind it. This will only work to enhance the quality of your instruction as well as the acceptance of it by your students.

Abhinam Yoga organizes Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Goa while Multi-Style yoga teacher training course in their Dharamsala and Thailand center.

Course Curriculum

Before you decide to zero in on your teacher training, you must thoroughly understand your course curriculum. You must study the daily program, number of hours given to each subject and whether your instructors are qualified enough to address your queries about the subject. It is, for this reason, that right at the behest, we recommend a proper research and also get you in touch with our course director so that you have realistic expectations from the course. Yoga goes far beyond the mat asanas and is a continuous learning experience. Hence, a well balanced course curriculum becomes an integral part of the training process.

Location Of Yoga School: The core aim of yoga is gaining inner peace, overall harmony and balance. For this reason, you must be able to keep yourself away from the daily bustle and manage to practice in a place that is lot less chaotic. Your yoga school doesn’t have to be a lonely planet exotic find. However, it must be safe and have a supportive environment to support your training. It is, therefore, important that you choose wisely. Some participants prefer to practice in the mountains while others choose to be near the sea. Hence, location of a school also sometimes can be a deciding factor for your training.

Hence, in order to participate in the right course in the right school, you must check out the points mentioned above to prepare well  for your yoga teaching journey.