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Tips on How To Start Your Home Practice As A Yoga Teacher

Yoga teacher training programs are now pretty popular since people have come to appreciate their benefits including improved self practice, reduced stress and improved flexibility among others. Once students have completed their yoga teacher training, some of them are keen to start their yoga teaching journey. For many students, it is difficult to open up a studio. Hence, many people start their career by offering yoga lessons from their homes. Here are some considerations to make when starting your home teaching practice:

Practicing Yoga at Home

  1. Target clients: If you have been in practice for some time, you should have identified the kind of clients that you are more comfortable with and those that you can easily help to meet their needs. This is where you should also focus on the areas that you are good at to ensure that your clients are always fully satisfied.
  2. Understand clients’ expectations: Most people prefer private trainers since they are assured of getting close attention as compared to take lessons in yoga classes. You should, therefore, be prepared to offer them exactly that and there are times when this will be requiring you to train them individually. This means that your practice will be more demanding.
  3. Monitoring progress:  After understanding a client’s needs in taking yoga lessons, you will be expected to come up with a sequence of poses that will help in achieving such. You should then come up with ways of evaluating the progress made at the end of the identified yoga lessons. This is an effective way of ensuring that the client’s needs are met satisfactorily.
  4. Pricing: Generally, teaching yoga lessons from your home should be more rewarding since you will be employing a more customized approach and you will be giving your clients more attention. However, the real problem comes in deciding on the exact pricing. This should be fixed in a way that it will attract a sizeable number of yoga enthusiasts while factoring in your true value as a private yoga trainer.

Once you have made a plan on and worked on the points above, the next important thing to consider would be how to prepare your home for private yoga lessons. Your home and the surrounding area should provide a quite environment since most yoga lessons involve deep concentration. The area should enhance comfort, and you should also provide some common necessities like yoga mats, non-slip towels, blankets and yoga blocks among others. To offer the best during training, you should try to establish the maximum number of students that you can comfortably attend to at the time.