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Things To Bring For Your Yoga Journey To India – Yoga Travel Tips

What to pack for your Yoga Trip to India

It is always a big confusion that what items should be packed along with your luggage, if you are travelling for the first time to any place. Every year thousands of students travel to do their yoga teacher training course. If the country is India, then it becomes even more important to figure out the most essential items to be included in your packing list.  The following are the list of items you should carry at the time of your yoga journey to India:

Passport Wallet:-

This is highly recommended to carry as you can put all the important documents- passport, credit cards and money into it and be safe from losing your valuables if you use a normal wallet. While travelling to congested places in India, one must be careful as there are possibilities that getting pickpocketed. To be at the safer side, you must also keep your some money in separate places to minimize of chances of losing all your money if you lose your wallet.

Socket Converters:-

It is highly recommended for travelers coming from the west to carry socket convertors and multi adapters for Indian switches.

Nutritional Supplement- Probiotics:-

Whenever travelling to India, it’s extremely necessary to carry Probiotics, as initially you might face some stomach issues after consuming food.  Probiotics help you your body to fight against any infection and keeps you healthy.

Electrolyte Sachets:- 

In many parts of India, it is extremely hot and humid, it essential that you should stay hydrated all the time. Unhealthy water intake can lead to dysentery and if worse, then it may also end up in dehydration. So, if you feel  loss of energy, just dilute one electrolyte sachet in a glass of bottled filtered water to stay fit.

First Aid Box:-

Please carry a basic first aid which must contain- band aid, cotton, medicated lotion and bandages. This will help you in case you get hurt while travelling and protect you from getting infected.

Ear Plugs:-

You might find many touristic places to be noisy and loud. If you are sensitive to it, carrying a pair of ear plugs would be recommended.

Portable water filter:-

It’s always a good idea to carry a portable water filter, at the time travelling as the water available in the bottles may not be safe or healthy. If the water bottles are from local companies then it might be the case the water would be not filtered and the bottle may be used previously. To stay away healthy carry your own Movable water refiner.

Yoga Teacher Training Journey To India

Insect/mosquito repellant and net:-

It is advisable to go for malaria vaccinations, when travelling to India. During monsoon season diseases one must be careful against diseases like malaria and dengue. To avoid such harmful diseases, you should carry and use repellant cream. Mosquitoes nets though bulky also come in very handy.

Wet Wipes and Toiletries:-

Many parts of India are quite polluted which can damage the skin, so wet wipes can come in handy which will help remove the dirt from the skin. This is better than hand sanitizers. Certain toiletries- shampoo, soap, conditioner etc. should be carried as the available toiletries might not suit your skin and can cause skin rashes and roughness.


India is enriched with ancient and famous monuments and vibrant life, where there is so much to see and explore. A camera with a good lens can store all your memories and the wonderful architectures of India.


It is essential to purchase a fully charged torch as you might need them at the time of power cut or while travelling in dark.

Certain stationery and the guide book of India:-

If you carry a guide book with few pen and highlighters, your travelling will be ease out as you might be having a rough idea of the destinations. Highlighting the most prominent destinations will help you plan your journey well.

Type of Clothing:-

Have a thorough check about the weather and places you plan to visit, when you pack your clothing. If you are planning for a yoga trip, then do carry a yoga mat, comfortable attire for practicing yoga, and a pair or two of comfortable footwear. Loose dresses also come in handy specially in the hot weather.