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Why Join Yoga TTC If You Do Not Plan To Be A Yoga Teacher?

Sometimes, people are intrigued by the idea of participating in 200 hrs Yoga Teacher training in India but aren’t sure whether they plan to teach yoga. So, what’s in it for someone doesn’t plan to teach yoga? Yoga Teacher Training Courses at Abhinam Yoga Center are a thoroughly transforming experience which incorporates Yoga training into a student’s daily lifestyle. It takes your Yoga practice to a more meaningful level and helps you acquire the ability teach others about the wonderful benefits of Yoga.

Dedicated to each student’s individual growth, Abhinam Yoga creates a supportive and non-competitive learning environment. But even if you don’t want to be a Yoga teacher, Yoga TTC is beneficial for you. Here are some of the top reasons why to join YTTC :

Yoga Teacher training Course

  • The intensity of coursework during a TTC helps you to strengthen your own Yoga practice. It includes learning of new techniques that are not taught during a regular Yoga class. With its greater attention to detail, longer and more rigorous practice sessions, YTTC inculcates self-discipline. It helps you to discover your strengths, not only physical but also mental and emotional.
  • YTTC includes the study of Patanjali’s Yoga sutra, Bhagwad Gita and other Yogic texts, and thus, provides a fantastic opportunity to understand and learn ancient Vedanta philosophy. By learning and incorporating the yogic philosophy, you are already on your way to becoming a better human being and leading a happier and more peaceful life.
  • The chanting and meditation sessions included within the YTTC help you to intensify your spiritual experience. No matter what your current spiritual bent of mind is, YTTC salvages your instinctive spirituality.
  • The knowledge of correct alignment is essential for every Yoga practitioner to practice injury free Yoga. It builds a firm foundation from which one can be able to practice yoga confidently. During YTTC, by learning the art of aligning other students, you learn to align yourself. By learning the art of correct alignment you are able to choreograph your own yoga sequences, and customize them according to your group of students when you start teaching.
  • YTTC with its focus on teaching the physical anatomy and physiology of human body enables you to better understand the working of your own body. It also helps you to acquire a firm understanding of working of your mind and enables you to control your emotions. With your new found awareness of the body and mind, you are better able to predict your own abilities, gauge your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.
  • Cultural diversity among the group also makes YTTC a wonderful learning experience. During the period of your Yoga Training course, you get to forge new relationships, build friendships that last a lifetime and be a part of the ever-growing global yoga community