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How Abhinam Yoga Benefited Karnail in Stabilizing Diabetes & BP?

It is often said that yoga is the answer to so many of the world’s problems. Looking at health issues and injuries, there are so many stories about people who have been healed of their problems and injuries through the practice of yoga. It is one thing to read about these stories, and another to witness it happen with your own eyes.

5 day Yoga Workshop TestimonialThis is exactly what happened when Karnail Singh and his wife came to Abhinam Yoga Centre in Dharmkot last year. Suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes Karnail came to the Dharmkot Yoga Centre in the search for a better lifestyle and improved health. Jokingly, Namito said that while talking with Karnail, he didn’t think that Karnail would stay. But much to Namito’s surprise he came back with the intention of staying and learning yoga with him for three weeks.
Joining in on the daily meditation, pranayama, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga classes, they both surrendered themselves to this intense and rigorous routine. To his amazement and gratitude, Karnail found that after only two weeks of this yogic schedule his blood pressure and sugar level had stabilized to normal levels. He now preaches the benefits of yoga and the fact that “Kapaliabhati is the best [medicine] for diabetes” and is a living example of the healing power of yoga. It shows that our bodies have the ability to heal and recover naturally through yogic practices which teach you how to bring your body back into its natural rhythm and balance.
Karnil is so proud that he was able to control and cure himself from his health issues without the use of any medication, and he is still free of these health issues to this day. To maintain his health he still practices yoga every day for around 45 minutes, utilizing the skills and knowledge that he learnt at Abhinam Yoga. He recognizes the importance of maintaining these practices as he knows their benefit and now uses them as a precautionary against future illness and disease.  He further highly recommends this yoga workshop in India for people struggling with health issues like him.