Yoga TTC in Dharamsala: Student Week 1 Review

Having just completed the first week of her 200hr Yoga TTC in Dharamsala, Chloe said she is feeling so energetic and is amazed in the transformations she is already witnessing in her body. She is surprised and delighted that she has already learnt more in one week, then in a years’ worth of yoga classes that she has taken. Chloe said she has already noticed changes in her strength and flexibility, but most surprisingly, she has noticed an increase in vitality, where even after practicing this new “intense” style of yoga she says she is not tired but feels it actually gives her more energy.

Having practiced yoga on and off for around one and a half years, Chloe has come to Abhinam Yoga School to deeper her yoga practice and to learn more about the spiritual aspects that yoga has to offer. Originally, she practiced yoga because she “always felt good” after a class, and recognized the benefits not only for her physical body but also mental and energetic body as well. Living in a village in the UK, she often sees older people who complain of sore joints, pain and injuries due to lack of use and mobility. Her motto is, that “if you don’t use it, you lose it”, and she believes that yoga is the “ideal exercise” for the body.

Initially, while registering for 200 hours Ashtanga yoga teacher training course in India, Chloe was apprehensive because she hadn’t practiced this style of yoga much before. Hearing that Ashtanga Yoga was a vigorous practice for “athletic” people, she thought it wasn’t for her. She said, “I’m not like one of those people”. Yet after meeting Namito in Goa, she felt that he was “the right teacher for me”, as he embodied the spiritual teachings she craved to learn as well as the alignment focus which she believes is important.

Reflecting on the first week of the Teacher Training Course, Chloe feels so happy with all of the teachers and her fellow YTTC students. She feels that the teaching is so unique and that she wouldn’t “experience [it] anywhere else”. She feels that all the teachers are “really experienced in what they do and helpful in getting you to do things correctly”. She explained her first week as “very rounded” and is excited to see what the next three weeks have in store for her. She is most enthused about learning “a lot of detail” about the physical asana and their detailed alignment instructions, as she feels this aspect has been missing out of her past yoga experiences.

Chloe is a successful business woman, having run numerous high profile businesses and websites that she “set up from scratch”. She is also a trained helicopter pilot and has studied nutrition and herbal medicine for 5 years. The success of these business ventures have given her “more freedom and time to peruse her spiritual path” which has led to her India. Chloe’s intention is not to be a yoga teacher straight away, instead she is taking the course to “deepen her spiritual practice”. However, she did hint at the possibility of opening her own yoga center in the future which combines her knowledge of massage, nutrition and Ayurveda (which she wants to study).