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200 hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC Student Review- Marion

Marion is a 200 Hours YTTC student from France, but has lived in India for 2 years working as a massage therapist. She first discovered yoga in Thailand and really enjoyed it, so tried to keep it up by reading about it in books and online and taking drop-in classes to experiment with different styles of yoga. “I took some hatha yoga classes with different teachers, but they were a bit too slow for me because I need to move,” Marion told us. “The Ashtanga classes I’d had been to were more fun for me, so I decided to go for an Ashtanga teacher training course. I wanted a school registered with Yoga Alliance, and so I took the school with the best ratings. I read the reviews and they were all really good, so that’s why I chose Abhinam.”
Ashtanga Yoga TTC student review
Three weeks into her course, Marion had prepared and led her first meditation class together with another student. Marion and Alan decided to do something a bit different and prepared a class based around mindful eating. “It was great, I really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun,” she told us. “We did something that was really simple but I think that everybody enjoyed it and learned something during this meditation. It was about the food, but it’s also something we can do with everything in our life, like eating, working, dancing, talking with people – it makes more sense when you are totally here in the present moment, just to be conscious of the whole meaning of what you are doing.” As part of the meditation, Marion and Alan gave each of the students a piece of chocolate to eat with their eyes closed and asked them to think about how many people had worked to bring that piece of chocolate to them. “It’s so easy to go to the shop and buy some chocolate for 20 rupees and eat it while you are watching TV. But would you eat it differently if you had to grow it yourself? If you had to go every day and water the plant? I think that now everything is so easy for us in our lifestyles that we don’t realise that we are really lucky.”

Marion also really enjoyed teaching her first ever yoga class. “The biggest part of the job wasn’t actually remembering the asanas,” she told us, “because we practice every day – so they’re finally in our memory. But it was more about giving the information at the same time, checking if everyone has understood the posture, how to correct them, and how to show them at the same time. It was really interesting.”

After completing her course, Marion plans to return to France and give massages and yoga classes. She’d like to work in a spa giving drop-in yoga classes, and is planning on creating some nice sequences for beginners and also for more advanced practitioners.