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200 hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC Student Review- Sneha

Ashtanga Yoga TTC student reviewOne of our 200 Hour March 2016 YTTC student, Sneha recently taught her first yoga class. Sneha, who works for a music channel Mumbai, has been an Iyengar student for three and a half years and was specifically looking for a course where they use Iyengar props. “That’s what I’m comfortable with and that’s what my base it,” she told us. “I stumbled upon Abhinam yoga while doing my research, and so I landed here.” Sneha admitted that she found the first week physically and mentally demanding, but she told us that she didn’t let her motivation fade. “By the second week I had settled in much more … with each passing day I have more strength, more stamina, more energy, so it’s been a good one month here.”

During the third week of the course, Sneha taught her first ever yoga class: “I was very nervous,” she told us, “but once I started, I eased into my role as a teacher. I felt comfortable teaching, and I guess I did ok because I got some decent feedback! So it went well and was a really good experience.”

Sneha also took her first meditation class together with one of the other students from the course: “Kirsten and I decided that we would take everyone to the beach. It was just amazing to be surrounded by nature; the whole day we had been in the shala and we’d all been working very hard, so we took this opportunity to take everyone to the beach. It was a silent meditation, observing our surroundings, watching the sunset, it was very cathartic.”

Meditation at Patnem Beach

Sneha told us that everything she has learned on the course has given her the confidence to teach: “I think I have built a strong base and yes, I definitely feel more confident. I think I can make a decent teacher … we’ll see!”